#017: The Podcast Answer Man + Why You Need to Be Podcasting

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Click to be magically transported to iTunes.

You may not know Cliff Ravenscraft, but I promise you know the people who come to him for podcasting advice.

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If you look at the top Management & Marketing podcasts on iTunes, you’ll see names like Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Michael Stelzner, and Michael Hyatt. What you don’t see is the person all of them come to for podcasting advice.

That man? Cliff Ravenscraft, a.k.a. The Podcast Answer Man.

If there’s anyone on the planet who knows podcasting, it’s Cliff. With literal hundreds (thousands?) of podcasts under his belt, a podcast network, and veritable Who’s Who in podcasting clients, Cliff’s title is aptly suited. The man lives, breathes, eats, and speaks podcasts.

I struck up a friendship with Cliff at Michael Hyatt’s SCORRE Conference and the rest, they say, is history. A quick invite to be on #ThinkDigital and Cliff gladly obliged to share with you the magic that is podcasting.

So sit back, listen up, and take notes. Cliff Ravenscraft is on the show today and he’s ready to answer all your podcasting questions. Enjoy!

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