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My sister sent this to me and I had to share.

Maybe it’s because I have a little guy about the same age as the girl in the video, but this absolutely slayed me. People are so creative. I need to go figure out a way to get Finn into a video.

This one’s called “Baby Trashes Bar in Las Palmas”. Enjoy.

A few weeks back I saw this video. It changed my life. See:

Isn’t that wild? Makes you want to pack for a trip just to see if you can pull off something like. This guy’s a packing genius!

Fast forward a few weeks. My wife and I took a weekend trip to see my cousin get married and we ran into a little snag. We both needed a carry-on bag like the one in the video, but we only have one. Borrowing one was out of the question, so we opted to combine-pack in a medium-sized bag. This meant—much to our dismay—that we’d have to check the bag. Anyone who travels knows what a crap shoot checking your bags is, so neither of us were super excited about this option. But, time was ticking so we packed and checked.

Thankfully, our bag made it through to our destination, but the lesson was not lost. We needed more carry-on sized luggage.

I did my research and settled on this little beaut from eBags, the Mother Lode TLS Mini 21″ Wheeled Duffel:

It came in the mail the other day and I tore it open with the ferocity of a jungle cat pouncing on a newly-born gazelle. ROAR! My wife was actually alarmed at how excited I was to get this bag. I literally squealed with excitement.

I seriously cannot wait to pack this thing. I want to jam as much stuff in here as humanly possible, just to see if I can do what that guy did on the video. I think I may even film it just for my own amusement.

I said to Kerry, “This officially makes me a geek, doesn’t it?” I’m betting you won’t need to guess very long as to what her answer was.