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Hey pastors and ministry leaders: Hollow out your schedule for Friday afternoon. You just got plans! Join me for a social media and ministry webinar primer!

I’ll be leading a free webinar in partnership with Monk Development this Friday at 11 am PDT; 1 pm CST. Here’s the description:

Just what is “social media” anyway? Why has it taken the online world by storm? In this webinar you’ll learn why the social web is absolutely crucial to communicating with the next generation. You’ll learn how the up-and-coming generation communicates and why you need to be in those channels, contributing your story to the social media flow. We’ll focus on the “why” and the “how” of social media. If you’re confused by terms like “tweet”, “like” and “blogging”, this webinar is a great place to start in getting a social media education! Join blogger and social strategist Justin Wise to uncover the basic principles of social media and why you need to be integrating it into your ministry work flow.

Hurry up and get yourself registered. Space is limited.

I am still thinking about this commercial, even though it stopped airing three years ago:

Is this commercial effective or just plain weird? I happen to think it’s a little of both, but it strikes at the heart of what one of my mentors said makes good marketing: “It’s simple. It’s absurd. It gets people to ask questions.”

This spot certainly is simple: Two sheep boys eating Skittles off a post.

It certainly is absurd: See above answer.

It gets people to ask questions: Namely, what are the sheep boys supposed to be doing? Eating Skittles off a stump seems to be a perfectly logical task sheep boys.

Most importantly, what’s the one thing I have in mind after watching this commercial? Skittles. Makes me want to go eat them, even the subject of the commercial (sheep boys) has nothing to do with Skittles. At all.

Weird marketing works. Just ask Skittles.

I noticed I was amassing a nice little collection of photos on my iPhone. I decided to dump them all into iPhoto and share some of the best ones with you.

Here they are. In all their glory. Enjoy!

Mormons come a-knockin’!

This is what happens when you don’t wash your coffee cup out. For awhile.

Worship it out!

Old Man Wise raises the roof!

The best omelette I've ever had.

Let's eat!

My advocating wife!


Hi, buddy!

Teach them young.

Hee hee.

My lovely family.

Gma Mac, holdin' it down!

Check out those wicked threads.

The game rich people play.

My beloved son.

A big bull.

A cow made of butter.


Cowboy toilet!

My back yard.

Bratwurst + Hot dog = Hotwurst

The larger view of my back yard.
Jerry Jones’ Temple.