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  • Welcome to all my new readers! After shutting down my longest-running blog last week, I invited you all to join me here on and I was pleased to see a lot of you make the transition. Huzzah!
  • This blog will focus on social media research, blogging tips and tricks, productivity & entrepreneurship and, of course, what’s going on in my life. (The site does bear my name!)
  • I cannot tell you how big of a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that is no longer being updated. BeDeviant was good, but it ceased to be great. Are there any good-but-not-great projects in your life that need to hit the shelf? Need to be hung up so you can focus on making something truly great? What are they? Do you have the courage to post them here for the world to see?
  • Speaking of transitions, I’m heading full-bore into a conference-palooza for the next month. Exponential > Cultivate > CAO Summit > Social Media Consultation. Here we go!
  • What a great Easter weekend we had. For the first time in years, my brother, sister, mom and dad and I sat down for a family dinner. Just the five of us. My wife and little guy were in Omaha visiting family and my bro-in-law was working. Refreshing. What a great family I have!
  • The whole fam got to spend Easter Sunday together as well. We went to services on Saturday evening. Sunday morning worship is overrated :)
  • I failed a blind vodka taste taste.
  • Kerry and I started Insanity last night. You know it’s going to be a challenging workout when the guy leading the sessions has to stop and take a breather. That ish is, in fact, insane.
  • There’s nothing better than waking up on the Monday after a major church holiday being completely refreshed and renewed rather than exhausted and worn out.
  • So, with that, what’s the latest and greatest in your world? Share!

I recently participated in the Coremetrics social media webinar on measuring social data. The depth at which this group is able to produce and present social media data is astounding, so it was a little like taking a drink from a fire hose!

The group, led by Susan Etlinger of Altimeter, presented a cogent case for why social analytics are important, but also why there is no clear leader in the field (yet).

Here are some nuggets that hit me the hardest:

  1. 90% of Facebook activity is contained exclusively within the news feed. “You NEED to get into the FEED.”
  2. Think KPI (key performance indicators) not ROI (return on investment) when measuring social data.
  3. Social analytics do not yet truly exist. There is no such thing, but there is one evolving.
  4. Social feeds are like today’s newspaper.
  5. The basic ability to understand social data will become a critical skill set. (Hint: If you’re wanting job security, this would be a great thing to figure out!)
  6. Terms like “social media” and “social analytics” will go away. It will just become the way we do business.
  7. Organizations should be measuring the value of social media instead of traditional ROI.
  8. Four challenges to measuring social media ROI: Engagement, Reach, Sentiment, Influence.

All in all, this was an amazing event … And free! There are great webinars like this all over the place. We’re even doing a few of our own over at Monk. (The next one is May 6th, by the way. I’d love it if you would attend!)

Bottom line: We’re still in the infancy stage of a larger social movement that will forever change the way human beings communicate. This is a great time to be a pioneer, friends! Who’s going to saddle up with me? ;)

Social media and ministry ROI have always been a bit elusive. That’s why I’m literally jumping for joy to announce this to you all, so I’m just going to cut to the chase. Monk and Uncoventional Method are proud to bring to you the Social Media Effectiveness Survey. (You can take it by clicking here: Social Media Effectiveness Survey.)

We’re wanting to find what social media efforts work best for the goals and visions that churches and ministries have for their organizations. There has been good, solid research on why faith-based organizations need to be in the space. Even research on how many organizations participate in social media. Up to this point, and to my knowledge, however, there have never been any studies that show what is working.

Until now.

We’re hoping to gather enough relevant information on how churches and ministries have chosen to weave social media into their strategic communications flow. This study will pick up where the Excellence in Online Ministry survey left off (which, by the way, is a tremendous report worth reading!)

Here are some “heads up” tips to get you started taking the survey:

  • It will take about 15 minutes to complete.
  • We’re looking for how churches use social media to create awareness and connect with new people.
  • We want to know how social media is used to deepen relationships and increase engagement with the ministry.

That’s it! Again, I would love it if you could carve out a small portion of your day and let us know what you’ve been using in your social media ministry efforts. What works and what doesn’t! Check out the survey (Social Media Effectiveness Survey) and thank you!

You guys are hilarious.

I asked this question on Monk’s Facebook page today: When you’re visiting a church website, what’s the first thing you look for? I gave four provided answers:

  • Staff Profiles
  • Social Media Channels
  • Location/Campuses
  • Service Times

Within 10 minutes, there were over two dozen responses. Seems like church websites fire people up!

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