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You’re working hard, you’re producing great content, you’re in it to win it, but how do you let other people know that? How can you grow your audience?

Whether you write a blog, host a podcast, speak at conferences, run a business, or whatever it is you’re doing, you need to have an audience, right? Otherwise you’re just shouting into the void. So you work hard on your business, whatever that is, and look for the right people to share it with. How do you get them to listen and to keep coming back for more? It’s so hard to rise above the noise and be heard in the bustling digital world we live in.

Here’s the secret: You have to become a cyborg.

Yup, that’s right, you heard it here first. The secret to growing and deepening relationships with your audience is to become part robot, part human. This week, Erik Fisher of Social Media Examiner teaches us all how to be cyborgs and much, much more. Here are a few takeaways from the interview:

  • Content resonates most when it helps your audience. Transparency and empathy are key to being heard.

  • Automate processes to increase productivity in social media, but if you completely lose the human touch in your personal brand, you’ll be tuned out as noise.

  • It’s not lazy to want to be able to cut down on how much you work in order to spend more time doing other rewarding things (like spend time with your family). That’s called having your priorities straight. Increasing productivity helps you do that.

  • To start out in whatever it is you want to do, you have to first build your community. Get to know who else is doing what you want to do, connect with them, learn from them, and work with them.

Erik’s baller status in the digital world comes from his passion for productivity (working smarter, not harder). Give the interview a listen, and enjoy the ride.

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Two years ago, I had a dream of writing a book to help churches tackle the “Why-to?” of social media.

I’ll explain…

See, there were plenty of amazing resources showing church leaders HOW to use social media, but none of them focused on the WHY –

…as in “WHY is social media so important for local churches?”

Simply put, I saw many churches putting the cart before the social media horse.

Having been a pastor for years, I knew the importance of connecting ministry activity to ministry goals. Social media is no different.

You need to know WHY you are doing social before you can do the HOW.

Thus, The Social Church was born out of a desire to increase digital fluency in local churches.

The book gives churches the strategic “above-the-neck” social media thinking they needed to make their “below-the-neck” tactics 10, 100, or even 1,000 times more effective.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been six months since the book launched.

In the months since then, I’ve heard from so many folks who share their story of when the WHY clicked after reading The Social Church.

Hunches have been validated.

Suspicions confirmed.

Paths made straight.

It’s all been a little overwhelming, to be honest.

After folks read the book, I’ll sometimes get a call asking if I can come and consult with their church.

Leaders wanted help connecting the dots between social media and tangible ministry goals.

So we created the Social Church Strategy Session.

The Strategy Session is a full day of on-site strategic processing designed to help local churches connect their social media content to Kingdom-minded results. We also include follow-up coaching and progress reports to chart growth.

I’ve been fortunate enough to serve 53 churches with this process. It’s been a thrill to watch church leaders get the WHY behind social media and digital marketing.

It’s a even bigger thrill to watch so many people move into the digital missions field, armed with clarity of purpose and the right tools to get the job done.

Our focus for each session is to develop a plan for three key areas of ministry results:

  1. Attracting new visitors with social media
  2. Increasing community engagement and participation with social media
  3. Increasing giving with social media

After a strategy session, it’s typical to see the churches we’ve worked with:

  • Hire new staff members for social media and communications
  • Make adjustments to their budgets
  • Finally GET why social media is so vital to their long-term growth and survival
  • Best of all…start seeing REAL results from their social media content

I believe in this book. I believe in the process the book birthed.

To celebrate the half-year anniversary of The Social Church, we’re doing a half-off special for our strategy sessions.

That means for a limited time, you can get 100% of the value of a strategy session for 50% of the price.

Here’s the kicker: We’re only working with seven churches. Our team is still small, so we want to make sure the churches we partner with get the attention they deserve.

Click Here Set Up A Discovery Call

This offer runs until Tuesday, September 30, so you have less than a week to take set up your discovery call.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to generate real social media traction for your church.


Social media ROI (return on investment) can be a hard fish to fry. How do you take all of those “likes” and “pins” and show your boss that they actually made money?

Social media marketers are always going to be asked to come up with the numbers to support their social media campaigns. The higher-ups want to know: How much did that $1000 spent on a campaign actually bring in? They don’t want to hear how something “went viral” or “increased engagement”; they want data about cold, hard cash. How do we do that?

Whether starting from scratch as a small business owner or working at a huge company, the key is to how to collate and analyze data that will help crystallize social media marketing efforts. With the right systems in place, it shouldn’t be as hard as we think it is.

Nichole Kelly, CEO of Social Media Explorer, brilliant thinker, and all-around good human being, stops by the show this week to school digital marketers on social media ROI and online marketing metrics.

She supplies us with:

  • Shortcuts to help get the data we need
  • Ideas on how to measure intangibles (like the values of customer service and customer loyalty)
  • Ways to align metrics with each step of the customer journey
  • Insane wisdom on the state of marketing and how we measure it

Take a listen to this podcast once, let it soak in, and then listen again to get everything you missed the first time. I guarantee it will be worth it.

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