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This passage should haunt everyone who considers themselves to be a follower of Jesus:

To believe in God is to believe in the salvation of the world. The paradox of our time is that those who believe in God do not believe in the salvation of the world, and those who believe in the future of the world do not believe in God.

Christians believe in “the end of the world,” they expect the final catastrophe, the punishment of others. Atheists in their turn invent doctrines of salvation, try to give a meaning to life, work, the future of humankind, and refuse to believe in God because Christians believe in him and take no interest in the world.

All ignore the true God: he who has so loved the world! But which is the more culpable ignorance? To love God is to love the world. To love God passionately is to love the world passionately. To hope in God is to hope for the salvation of the world.

I often say to myself that, in our religion, God must feel very much alone: for is there anyone besides God who believes in the salvation of the world? God seeks among us sons and daughters who resemble him enough, who love the world enough that he could send them into the world to save it.

—From In the Christian Spirit by Louis Evely

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  • “You don’t need more time you just need to decide.” – Seth Godin

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Riddle me this.

A realtor holds an open house for one of his clients. The house is on a busy street where foot traffic is high. (The success of open houses is debatable, but let’s pretend it is the best way to sell a house.) The home is gorgeous and the client has priced it to sell.

The realtor puts a sign out in the front yard, plops some brochures on a table, and sits down in a chair right inside the front door.

People walk by. He busies himself by playing a game on his iPhone, only to lookup when someone steps inside. Virtually no one does.

Week after week he does this. Sign, plop, iPhone, sit. There are zero serious offers on the house. Even though his success is directly tied to the selling of the house, he continues using the same format.

Changing nothing.

This person is clearly not motivated by money. My question to you is, what would get him to change?