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  • “Just because something is true doesn’t mean you can share it without love.” – Mike Housholder

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Accessibility. It’s one of the greatest things about the social web. You and I both have access to people that previously sat behind guarded gates. Impenetrable walls. Administrative assistants.

Accessibility is great, until it’s not. One of the downfalls of having open lines of communication is that you get messages like this:

Third Time's A Charm

Third Time’s A Charm…or not.

I appreciate the intention behind this message. I do. I just find it incredibly…annoying. Realistically, a similar email is being copied-and-pasted to all this person’s contacts. Oy.

It’s not that I don’t want to meet with this person. That’s not the issue. The problem I have is that this person believes I owe him/her a meeting, simply because we’re connected on LinkedIn.

That, dear readers, is a surefire way to get ignored every time. At this point, I’m avoiding a meeting out of principle. That principle? I set my schedule before it sets me.

Question: What are some different ways this person could have gone about asking for a meeting?

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It’s not every day you get to hang out with world-class creatives, artists, and visionaries. But that’s exactly what went down for myself and a thousand other dreams at STORY Chicago 2012.

STORY Header

Even if you weren’t there in person, you can get pretty close by grabbing this free live-blog ebook. It’s a carefully selected, curated STORY experience. I took the thoughts that resonated most with the audience and made them transportable. I think you’re going to like it.

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Two Days of Recaps

After you’re done downloading the free ebook, check out my full summaries from each speaker. (The one exception was Makato Fujimura. I’m sending you to friend and fellow live-blogger, Josh Burns. I was in a very important convo, the details of which I hope to share with you soon!)

Day One

Day Two


STORY is one of those conferences that I go to to simply enjoy. The people, the speakers, the atmosphere. Ben Arment and his team have created something that you can’t find at most conferences. That said, the conference ebook will be your next best thing, so make sure you download it. Grab it below:

A huge thanks to Clark for making the live-blog possible. They have been fantastic partners and I hope you’ll take the time to give them a visit and say hello.

That’s a wrap on STORY 2012! Can’t for next year. Will you be there?

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Top-of-Mind Mondays

  • “You really only need three main prayers: Help. Thanks. Wow.” – Anne Lamott

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STORY Chicago 2012

All STORY Chicago posts are sponsored by Clark. Clark provides custom technology and facility solutions for churches big and small.

Day Two Best of Tweets

These are the best-of-the-best tweets from the second day at STORY Chicago 2012. Read, enjoy, and retweet to your heart’s content. I’ve linked the full notes for each speaker in the header of each speaker. Please enjoy!

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