Morning routines don’t make great entrepreneurs, but all great entrepreneurs have a morning routine.

This post is going to be quick and direct, but so pivotal. The bottom line is, I wouldn’t be successful without a morning routine.

The importance of a morning routine

The fact is, all successful entrepreneurs have a morning routine. Even if it’s by default or intuitive rather than intentional, the it is there. The goal is to make your routine work for you.

My morning routine

Most days my alarm is set at 5:23. (I don’t like getting up unless it’s at an odd time.) I sneak in meditation time; I like starting my day in quiet. Then it’s the gym, to get the workout done and out of the way. Next, it’s back home for breakfast with the family. I get ready, head to the office where I have 9-11 AM blocked off every day. My meetings start at 11am, rarely before, because I need those 2 hours in the morning to get prepared and set my agenda for the day. That time also includes journaling and anywhere from 15-30 minutes of reading. This drastically improves the rest of my day.

Your Routine

If you don’t have a routine it’s time to start building one. I have a free template for you to help kickstart the process! Download this template to chart your morning routine. Let me know how it goes!


At Think Digital, we don’t want to deliver something good to our audience; we want to deliver something great. Which is why this week, we bring you the last episode of the Think Digital Podcast. But hey, it’s not good-bye forever. We’ll be back with a new format later this year. Stay tuned!

Until Next Time

As you may have seen in the last few weeks, I’m pulling the plug on the Think Digital Podcast. It’s official! Today’s final episode is a quick wrap-up to let you know why and what’s next.

I love podcasting. I first got into radio as a 14-year-old freshman working on the high school radio station from the broom closet where we were set up. I walked in one day and basically didn’t leave for four years. (And if you listen to the end of the episode this week, you’ll get to hear a little something from that time in my life!) I don’t want to stop podcasting, and I’m not going to. But I’m pulling the plug on the Think Digital Podcast to make room for something new that will be even better.

Here’s why…

1. I didn’t hit my goal.

One of my goals in 2015 was to get 10,000 listeners per podcast episode in the first quarter. We poured time, energy, and resources into hitting this goal with the understanding that if we didn’t make it, it was probably time to cut it loose. March 31st rolled around and we were at 6,000 listeners, 60% of our goal. So I decided to call it quits.

And yeah, there are plenty of podcasters out there who would be totally happy with 6,000 listeners. I’m just not one of them. It’s just not worth the level of time and investment I’ve spent. Which brings me to #2…

2. I don’t want something good; I want something great.

We had a good run, but everything has its season. We had some awesome interviews with some really great guests on the Think Digital Podcast. We’ve been given 99 ratings and 77 reviews by our listeners. That’s fantastic! But if you listen to a lot of podcasts, you know that everyone nowadays has got this interview format and we’re all asking the same questions about how to get more Twitter followers and whatever else.

I don’t want to fall into the crowd. I want to be a blockbuster, and I know my team has it in us to make it happen.

3. I was getting bored creatively.

I love connecting with lots of people at the same time around a singular message. It’s what got me into radio at the age of 14 and got me into podcasting in the last few years. And I am so flattered and grateful that you, my listeners, have let me into your lives by taking me with you while you’re driving, mowing, eating, hanging out, whatever it is you do while you listen. Thank you. 

But I was getting bored creatively with the Think Digital Podcast, and I didn’t want to slog through it. I’ve lost the creative drive to keep the Think Digital Podcast rocking the way it should.

You deserve better, and I can do better.

So I will. I am going to keep podcasting. We’re just retiring this podcast and taking a break to give my team time to cook up some different ways to liven up the format.

So hey, give this last episode a listen, hit me up on Twitter and let me know what you’ve learned from the Think Digital Podcast. What’s helped you be better at your business?

Until next time, stay safe, have fun, and we’ll see you online. Bye bye, everybody!

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This week we get deep on the Think Digital Podcast. We talk about creativity, mental and spiritual wellness, and the essence of beauty. Put your thinking cap on for this one. Don’t worry, there’s also a fair amount of potty humor and some Willy Wonka references. So it’s also good for a laugh.

My Blog Melted

So if you saw my post on 4/16, you might be having déjà vu right now. Because we sure did post this sucker already. But then, my blog melted and we straight up lost a handful of posts. Can’t get ‘em back. People say things on the internet stay forever, but apparently that’s not always the case.

Ah well, onward and upward! But my podcast guest, Blaine Hogan, was just too amazing to cheat you all out of his episode. Luckily, the audio lives on, so I’m posting again without the bloggy goodness I usually share. You’ll just have to listen in to get the goods. But I will say this: We’re winding down the Think Digital Podcast and getting ready to ramp up a new podcast project, it’s true. (Yeah, that’s another blog post that was lost. Don’t worry; the Think Digital Podcast will be no more, but we’ll be back with something new!) Blaine has really helped us to go out with a bang, because he is a hilarious and interesting dude. You’ll think hard and laugh harder when you listen in to this episode.

And hey, as always, hit me up on Twitter after you listen to let me know one thing you’re going to do differently after hearing Blaine’s words of wisdom.

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