Starting An Online Course Changed My Life

In 2012, I was fledgling a little bit. The working world was not being very kind.

I had just left my job working as a pastor here in Des Moines.

I tried some other gigs.

Nothing seemed to work.

I couldn’t seem to get any traction.

Then I spoke to an old, old friend who knocked some sense into me.

He said, “Justin…you are basically unemployable. You will NEVER be happy until you are working for yourself.”

Deep down I knew he was right.

But I literally had no idea how to make “the jump.”

Keep in mind I had a wife and newborn son at the time.

The odds seemed stacked against me. I knew WHAT I wanted to do. I just didn’t know HOW to do it.

Then I discovered the world of online courses.

A simple concept. You create course materials and multimedia coaching based on a topic you are passionate about.

Then find people who share the passion. Make their lives easier or less stressful or both. Earn income.

I created one based on my expertise at the time and my life has never been the same.

Here are 10 ways my life has changed as a result of building my first online course…

#10. An income bridge to kickstart my entrepreneurial career.

Online courses gave me the income bridge I needed to support my family. In the words of my friend Casey, the course provided “predictable and sustainable income.” A must when building a bootstrapped business.

#9. I liked what I was doing.

I didn’t DISlike what I was doing in my other jobs. But none of them felt like the right “fit”. Maybe you’ve felt the same at one point in your life. All my courses have been in areas I’m passionate about. This makes it very easy to get excited about work. It “fits”.

#8. I could work from anywhere.

For those first two years I had the pleasure of working from home. I got to see my family whenever I wanted. Work late. Work early. Didn’t matter. If I needed to get out I could go to a coffee shop. Across town. Across country. Didn’t matter.

#7. Connections with other influencers.

Building my first course took a LOT of work. But it also put me in touch with some of the biggest names in my industry. I still talk to many of the kind folks who helped get my first course of the ground…

I’m just getting started. I’ll be sending the second half of the list TOMORROW, but I want to make sure you’re ready for it.

To get more of how changing an online course changed my life (and–most important–how it can easily change yours), just click the button below.



We do not need more information. We need help applying the information they already have.

A few weeks ago our freezer broke. The ice thingy (technical term) stopped making ice.

That’s a problem.

I like ice.

When we moved in I remembered seeing a bunch of instruction manuals the previous owner left for us in the basement.

I rifled through the pile.

Found the one for the freezer.

Thumbed to the index and looked for “ice maker”. Found it.

The instructions were what I can only describe as a cross between a rocket launch manual and an old school phone book written in impossibly small font.

It might as well of been written in Greek. I would probably understand more.

The problem wasn’t a lack of information. The problem was TOO MUCH information.

I spent 30 minutes reading that dumb manual.

I turned each diagram every which way trying to figure it out.

It was like reading a subway map in a language you don’t understand.

I know more about ice makers than anyone else on the planet.

But it didn’t fix my problem.

Still…no ice.

In the moment I would have paid good money for step-by-step instructions from someone who had done it before.

*light buuuuuulb*

So I flipped open my laptop.

I did a quick search for “broken ice machine + bosch”.

Within seconds I found a shaky two-minute iPhone video of some dude in Virginia fixing his broken ice maker.

He had the same problem I did.

He plugged the one part back into the other (again, very technical language) and the ice maker started up again.

I followed suit. My ice maker whirred back to life.


God bless you, Virginia guy.

Selling with social media can feel much the same way.

You read a blog post.

Then another.

Then download a free ebook.

Before long you’re up to your eyeballs with info and no clear path forward.

I’ve been there. Trust me.

That’s why I’m inviting you to a learning event I’m hosting later this week.

It’s called “How to Build Your Social Media Selling Machine” and I’ll show you how to start growing your business with social media sales.

This won’t be some lame instruction manual.

It’s coming straight from the battlefield.

I’ll unpack the same steps we use daily here at Think Digital. What we’ve used to grow 550% in the last 12 months.

Seating is FREE but limited (isn’t it always).

You should grab a seat if you’re interested.

You’ll have a chance to ask your “step-by-step” questions too. All for free.


Morning routines don’t make great entrepreneurs, but all great entrepreneurs have a morning routine.

This post is going to be quick and direct, but so pivotal. The bottom line is, I wouldn’t be successful without a morning routine.

The importance of a morning routine

The fact is, all successful entrepreneurs have a morning routine. Even if it’s by default or intuitive rather than intentional, the it is there. The goal is to make your routine work for you.

My morning routine

Most days my alarm is set at 5:23. (I don’t like getting up unless it’s at an odd time.) I sneak in meditation time; I like starting my day in quiet. Then it’s the gym, to get the workout done and out of the way. Next, it’s back home for breakfast with the family. I get ready, head to the office where I have 9-11 AM blocked off every day. My meetings start at 11am, rarely before, because I need those 2 hours in the morning to get prepared and set my agenda for the day. That time also includes journaling and anywhere from 15-30 minutes of reading. This drastically improves the rest of my day.

Your Routine

If you don’t have a routine it’s time to start building one. I have a free template for you to help kickstart the process! Download this template to chart your morning routine. Let me know how it goes!