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George Aye
Greater Good Studio

George co-founded Greater Good Studio to increase the impact of his user-centered design practice. He started his career as a designer at IDEO Chicago, later taking these experiences to become the Lead Designer at the Chicago Transit Authority. He is now a tenure-track professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He remains wildly optimistic that we can solve the most entrenched problems of our time, together for the greater good.

  • Designer of the public transportation system in Chicago
  • Designing the way public transportation is used takes an incredible amount of work
  • The CTA is more like FedEx than it is the Four Seasons
  • I forfeit my right to whine if I can make a contribution and I don’t
  • Massive change is made up of tiny little changes along the way
  • If you approach a group as students needing to be taught it changes your entire relationship to a hostile group
  • When we failed to do what we set out to do, we were completely off the hook. No one was looking to us and expecting a thing!
  • Success hides learning
  • When you want help, frame it as a role and not a job
  • It moves the volunteer from task-oriented, to cause-oriented
  • Make positive contributions to the norm
  • Give your team a platform to perform

Jessica Wachter
Artist, Jessica Wachter Art

Jessica Wachter is an artist from Fargo, North Dakota, whose mixed-media work includes oil painting and printmaking. She draws inspiration for her artwork from past experiences and with it expresses a passion for life. Her abstract expressionist style artwork is illuminating and evokes the power of interpretation. Since graduating with degrees in Art and Interior Design, the artist has shown in numerous exhibitions including “Beyond Convention,” Plains Art Museum, ND Museum of Art, ecce Gallery, and “NDSU Juried Student Exhibit,” Memorial Union Art Gallery, for which she received the People’s Choice Award as featured in the NDSU Magazine Spring 2009.

  • Anyone who has the courage to come to the canvas of life and expose his or her gifts
  • It’s not about what you do that makes you an artists. It’s about how and why you do it
  • Creativity takes courage
  • “It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” – da Vinci
  • We learn from our failures
  • Risk equals success
  • We are all products of our past experiences and our connections with other people
  • “There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” – Van Gogh
  • Everyone is an artist

Top-of-Mind Mondays

  • In case you missed it, #THINKDIGITAL is here! I launched my first podcast last week. It’s a show dedicated to helping you think differently about your digital life. Email marketing, social media, content marketing, blogging—if it’s digital, we’re talking about. The response has been great: 20 five-star ratings, 16 favorable reviews. Subscribe for free here:
  • Follow your dreams.
  • I spent the tail end of last week shooting a book trailer and interviewing Shaun King in NYC. Everything is working towards the release of my first book, The Social Church. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on! Here’s a sneak peek of what it looked like from my perspective to shoot the video!
  • I find the discussion around remote workers fascinating. As one who has worked remotely for years, I understand concerns on both sides of the the debate. This article helps put things in perspective (and, coincidentally, reveals what desperate companies do when they feel threatened.) HT to the affable @alli!
  • If you live in/around the Des Moines area, I’d love to see you for a free workshop I’m teaching at Drake University, “Social Media for Business.” We’ll dig into how to create a measurable plan of success for your social media efforts. Don’t be fooled—it takes work!
  • Speaking of social media results, I’m working with a select group of clients to create social media audits for their respective organizations. The results are surprising even to me. You don’t know what you don’t know, you know? I’ll be sharing another opportunity to reserve an audit for you or your organization soon. Notification will be sent exclusively to my email list. Sign-up here.
  • Why you should stop giving things away for free.
  • My favorite pic from my New York trip.
  • BELOW: Breaking news. You’re getting hitched.

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Top-of-Mind Mondays

  • Are you a mindful marketer? (Oh, and we’re all marketers now.)
  • I sent this clip to my newsletter subscribers last week. It’s a 4-minute preview of #THINKDIGITAL, the new podcast I’m creating. The first episode drops middle of the month. Get early access by signing up here.
  • Which path will you choose? The blue pill, or the red pill?
  • Had a great conversation with my mother last night. If you are wondering what you’ve been created for, what themes are prevalent in your life, call your mom and ask. Thanks, Ma!
  • The no-nonsense guide to getting paid for your expertise. A great read by Amber Naslund—she’ll be a guest on an upcoming episode of #THINKDIGITAL.
  • The joys and pains of being a remote worker.
  • Friend and fellow Moody author, Scott McClellan, just released his first book, Tell Me a Story. Scott’s one of those guys where, when you first meet him, you don’t realize there is legendary wit lurking just beneath the surface.
  • Really digging Tumblr lately. Such a unique social platform. Here’s mine: Stuff Justin Likes. Do you Tumbl?
  • In redesigning this site, I’ve worked with the amazing Dustin Stout. Each step of the way, I’m asking the questions, “Does this element need to be here?” Turns out the correct answer, most of the time, is “no.”
  • If you like TweetDeck, you might want to get all your use out of it while you still can. Twitter is sinking native apps.
  • BELOW: A fifteen-second clip of the new Daft Punk song, looped for 10 straight hours.