A Very Special Announcement


Best is Yet to Come

Subscribers to my newsletter received this email last week. They also were treated to a preview of the first four chapter titles. Want to be in on future exclusives? Sign up for my newsletter.

Let’s just get this out of the way: I’m writing a book.

The tentative title is called The Social Church and I’ll be taking a look at what it means to have a theology of social media. How is the shift towards social affecting the local church, both positively and negatively? It’s a topic I feel uniquely positioned to speak into. I couldn’t me more thrilled.

I signed a contract with Moody Publishers. The team is top notch. Truly a gifted set of individuals working together to make this book a reality. I’m in good company signing with Moody—my label mates include Jeff GoinsScott McClellanRhett SmithAlly Vesterfelt, and Sarah Cunningham.

A Few More Details About The Social Church

The book is due out February 2014. That seems like quite a stretch of time, but I’m assured the process moves much swifter than one would think. I’ll spend the winter months ahead toiling, thinking, researching, and writing.

I want this book to knock your socks off. It’s not going to be another “here’s how you set up a Facebook fan page!” books. That information is helpful, but Lord knows there are plenty of folks writing on that topic.

The Social Church will answer the “why?”, “how?”, and “what now?” of social media for the local church. I’ll introduce a critical thinking grid for local church involvement with social media. Put simply, it’s the book I’ve always wanted to write.

I’m thrilled to be at this point. It will be a tough process, but the end result will be worth it. I see a finished product that helps churches have real, in-depth, ethos-shaping questions pertaining to the role of social media in ministry.

Above all else, know that you are part of the inspiration for this book. So many of you hunger for a new way to do church. Like many of you, I believe social media plays a crucial role in shaping that discussion.

How You Can Help

Please pray for my wife, Kerry, and two children, Finnegan and Evie. I want them to be a part of this process.

Please pray for Moody Publishers. They are up to some amazing things that will shape church culture in the years ahead.

Finally, pray for me. The writing process is intensely personal—much like giving birth, from what I hear. Pray that I would yield to the Spirit’s leading as this book comes to life.

Thank you for your support. Believe me when I say this, the best is yet to come!


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