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Your social media content needs to have measurable business outcomes. By now, you know that.

(If this is news to you, take a breather and listen to my interview with Social Media Explorer CEO, Nichole Kelly. She’ll set you straight.)

The challenge for many of us is understanding how to do this. How to connect the dots between social media content and measurable business outcomes.

While we have a ways to go at Think Digital, I want you to take a peek at our client list. I blocked out the names and emails. Those aren’t important. What I want you to look at is the referral columns.


As you can see, Facebook and Twitter bring in a lot of new and repeat business for us. When it’s all said and done, social media directly accounts for 10 percent of our total sales. Not too shabby. (This number does not take into account the influence social has in the customer nurturing process either.)

Bottom line: social media is an integral part of growing our business here at Think Digital.

We use it to:

  1. Create brand awareness.
  2. Increase engagement.
  3. Facilitate conversions.
  4. Nurture brand advocates.

“Results” for you might mean something different (conversions, new members, more donors, etc.), but the formula is the same. All you need is a system.

That’s why I’m excited to launch Justin’s Office Hours, starting in January 2015.

What is Justin’s Office Hours?

My live workshops, online events, and training courses are great ways to learn about social media and digital marketing.

But many of our clients are looking for more. They want a way to learn how real agencies work… the real strategies we use to boost client effectiveness… how to increase awareness online…. how to spike engagement… see how to generate real online results… how to build social media systems that run on autopilot… and much, much more.

That’s what Justin’s Office Hours is all about.

I’ll give you excellent training… amazing new insights… and show you how you can become a successful digital marketer yourself using the same methods we use.

In short, taking part in this membership club not only gives you the knowledge you need to succeed as a digital marketer, but also adds a high degree of confidence so you’ll know you’re doing it the right way.

Who Is Office Hours Designed For

  1. Anyone who is new to social media and digital marketing, or those who want to get additional insight from seeing how professional digital marketers set strategy, create content, and execute tactics.
  2. Those looking for more confidence to land more social media clients – or those looking to land their first client
  3. Social media and digital marketers who want to take advantage of the benefits of building online influence, creating social media systems, and converting online audiences into results.
  4. Even if you are new to social media, you will gain huge benefits as a participant in this club…You will get in-depth sessions each week to show you how to build strategies and execute as simply as possible.

Anyone who wants to harness the TRUE power of social media!

What I’ll Give You As a Member

The secret to becoming successful with social media and digital marketing is often watching trusted mentors who know how to do it through real world experience. That’s where we can help.

Here’s what we give our members:

  • Excellent instruction so you’ll know how we analyze the latest trends each week
  • How we find the best potential return on our content
  • Learn as we put our training into practice by going through the Think Digital Circle and showing you what we’re seeing and how it affects our actions
  • Get immediate access to each Office Hours training content as soon as it is posted

Mentoring like this is an ideal way to become successful as quickly as possible!

Here’s How Office Hours Works

Twice-Monthly Focused Sessions: We’ll have two calls every month. One call will be focused on a new topic I’ll teach on each month. The second call will be digging in-depth into your submitted questions.

Step-By-Step Instruction: During each session we give you in-depth discussions of exactly what we’re doing, and why — this is how you will learn these important steps for yourself.

Direct Access To Each Video Session: We record each of our sessions as a video, and then upload it into your private member area to view and review during the week.

Get Useful Action Strategies: During each session you will see how what we are setting strategy and creating content for ourselves and our clients for the week. Though this is not intended to be a consulting service, we do recommend that you follow our actions in your own efforts so you can learn by following our exact steps.

More Valuable Than a College Education

The speed of social media and digital communications changes faster and faster each day. Office Hours is your chance to stay on top of the trends and see what’s working for us and our clients right now.

Blog posts and ebooks are great, but you need to understand how to implement all the information you’re coming across. Action beats inaction. We’ll show you firsthand how we run our social media agency on a day-to-day basis.

If you’ve wanted to take on clients of your own and start a social media consulting firm, this is the perfect opportunity for you to see how it is done. If you’re wanting to get better at social media for your own business or organization, you’ll get practical, real-world examples of how it’s done.

I’ve never made this type of mentoring available to the public. It’s always been with private, one-on-one clients. But I want to give you the tools you need to WIN.

Got Questions? Here’s Your Answers

Q: Can I attend the sessions live?

Q & A sessions will be available to attend live. Other sessions are not available for you to participate live with us. Instead, each teaching session is recorded and the video placed in your private member’s only area for repeated viewing. If you cannot attend the Q & A session live, we will record it for you and place it in your exclusive online portal.

Q: What if I want more advanced mentoring or training?

When you are ready, we can help you get the right training or advanced mentoring you are looking for.

Q: How will I access each session?

You will be automatically registered for each Q & A session by our team. Access instructions will be delivered to your inbox. When each teaching session is posted in the member’s area, you will receive an email notification telling you it’s available for immediate access.

Q: What if I’m brand new to social media marketing or building my own client list. Will Office Hours still be useful to me?

Though it’s helpful if you have gone through the Think Digital Academy coaching program, it’s certainly not essential. It may take you a bit of time to get up to speed on some of the terms and concepts we’re showing you. However, the experience of listening, watching, and following along is vital no matter if you’re brand new to social media and digital marketing or have been at it for a long time.

Q: How is Justin’s Office Hours better than a training course?

Gaining social media and digital marketing knowledge is essential for any online communicator to achieve success. That’s what training courses such as my Think Digital Academy is all about. But Office Hours are designed for those who are ready to move beyond ‘book learning’ so you can see how professional digital marketers go through their routines to find clients, build strategies, execute tactics, and generate measurable outcomes. That’s what we do in Justin’s Office Hours. We let you peek in on our weekly sessions so you can follow along and learn from our routines. As you follow our systems, you will gain valuable experience and knowledge of how to put knowledge into practice.

Q: How are the mentoring sessions structured?

We follow roughly the same format for each session so you will get in the habit of setting strategies and executing tactics in our checklist format. Our format is based on my Think Digital Circle process that I’ve developed to properly analyze any social media strategy and ensure it’s engineered to produce results. No guessing. No hoping. Just pure online effectiveness. Create results on-demand for yourself or for clients using our proven methodology.

If You Are Ready For Office Hours…

I’m only accepting a small amount of students for this first round of mentoring. If you’d like to be considered for this opportunity, just fill out the short form below and I’ll personally be in touch if we’re able to extend an invitation!

Click Here to Apply

Your systems define your results.

It’s one of my favorite sayings. It’s simple. It’s clear. It is universally true in nearly every aspect of life.

If you don’t like the results you’re seeing in life, it’s because of the systems YOU have set up. I guarantee it.

One of my favorite examples of systems is the game “Mousetrap.” To this day, I have no idea how to play the actual game. All I know how to do is set up the multi-point mousetrap.

Turn the crank. Send the man into the tub. Cage lowers. Mouse is caught.

System. Result. Simple.

Even though it’s just a board game, our lives are full of systems bringing us the results we’ve engineered for ourselves. Here are some examples.

1. Your weight-loss system.

If you’re not happy with your weight, your weight-loss system has broken down somewhere. If you want to lose a few pounds but continue to eat the way you’ve always eaten, your system stays the same. Your system defines your results. If you want to lose weight and aren’t doing so on your current system, you need to change it (i.e. but down the Twinkies).

2. Your business system.

I’ve met people who have been doing things the same way in their business for decades. They complain they work too much, or don’t make enough, yet, they continue on in the same system. It doesn’t make sense. Instead of hiring people, they insist on doing everything themselves. Instead of revamping their business system to engineer the results they want, they keep doing things the same way. They can’t see their own system and their results suffer.

3. Your sleep system.

This is a big one for me. I realized 8 months ago I could choose to stay up late or get up early. I couldn’t do both. When I stayed up late, I was always tired the next day, groggy, and mostly irritated. My system was busted. I knew I wanted specific results (a good night’s rest), but my system wasn’t delivering. Time to change! Now I go to bed early, wake up early, and feel MUCH more rested than I used to.

4. Your money-making system.

This one deserves its own category because not every wants to run their own business. If you’re not bringing in the type of income you want, you either need to cut expenses or increase revenue (or both). So many people stick with what they know because it’s “comfortable” or “safe.” They never get the income results they want because they’re not willing to change their system.

5. Your social media system.

This one hits close to home. I hear from folks ALL the time who want to grow their Twitter following but don’t want to put in the work. They don’t want to create a system where Twitter followers find THEM, get to know who they are, follow them, and then convert to customers/clients/whatever. So they do what everyone else does and get the same results everyone else gets.

Are you seeing the results you want in your life? Tweet me and tell me ONE system you’re going to change!

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “If you can’t explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough.”

I think he’s right.

Think about it: have you ever been in a social setting where a person throws out big words, concepts, or ideas to sound intelligent? When you press him on a certain topic, or ask for clarification, his response is to usually up the jargon and rhetoric.

His goal in this situation is to increase complexity to confuse you. The complexity is nothing more than a defense mechanism. He wants you to believe he deeply understands what he’s talking about, but in actuality, he does not.

If he understood what he was talking about, truly, he would be able to explain it to a fifth-grader.

The more complex-sounding his language, the less those around him understand, the smarter he looks. The goal for this person is not to explain and educate, but to complicate and obfuscate the truth.

This happens all the time.

Take social media metrics for example. The more we work with clients, the more I gravitate to this topic.

Many agencies and firms want their clients to believe there is a complex algorithm for determining the effectiveness of social media content. They want their clients to believe words like “engagement,” “reach,” and “amplification” matter. (They don’t.)

These agencies and firms complicate their language to confuse their clients. Virtually every service-based industry fights this temptation, but I feel it acutely since we serve our clients with content.

When we manage digital content for clients (web, email, and social), we have a very simple process to show the value of what we’re doing.

Think Digital Circle

We make it easy for clients to see how they are progressing:

  1. KNOW. How are we raising awareness for the business, brand, or belief?
  2. LIKE. How are we increasing loyalty to the brand or organization?
  3. TRUST. How are we influencing conversion opportunities?
  4. BUILD. How are we building advocates for the brand?

Social media metrics must draw lines between digital content and organizational objectives. It’s that simple. When a social media agency tells their clients it’s about something other than organizational results, they don’t understand social well enough. They cannot explain it simply.

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