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If you knew social media could help your church or ministry see results, would you look at it differently?

If you know social media content could help you attract new visitors, increase engagement in your events, and increase giving, would you spend more time creating and planning your social media strategy?

The answer, I believe, is clear: of COURSE you would!

This doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Tangible social media results are accessible for any organization—you just have to know where to look.

Your social media efforts don’t have to embarrass you. You don’t need to settle for a digital version of a community bulletin board. Real results—results that further the mission of your organization—wait on the other side of a few minor, yet vitally important, tweaks.

That’s what we’re gearing up to show you from 1-5 PM EST on Thursday, March 27th at the Social Church Online Intensive. You’ll learn:

  • How to establish and define your social media objectives and goals
  • How to focus your content and set expectations for results
  • How to talk with leaders in your organization who don’t understand the value of social media
  • How to build your online community and influence them to take action when you ask

We’ve crammed as much value into these four hours as possible-but there is a catch. Admission to the intensive is $129, but I’m letting the first 100 people 80 people in the door for $99. (We pre-sold 20 seats to our mailing list.)

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How Do I Know This Stuff Works?

You’ll get access to the same material we use to help our clients see results. For example:

Twitter Spikes Contact Growth

One ministry we worked with saw a 778% jump in Twitter followers over the course of two weeks. Many of these contacts visited our client’s conference booth, connecting face-to-face with the staff.

Reports__ Sprout_Social

Executive Pastor Sees Value in Social

A church we worked with emailed me about a month after our strategy session with some good news. “It worked. We got budget approval!” She was referencing a part-time social media coordinator position the church desperately needed, yet never seemed to get the resources needed to fill it.

Strategy Session 1

The executive pastor was key in this hiring and, up to our strategy session, needed the most convincing on the value of social media. His words to me before I left? “Social media takes a lot of work. I had no idea. I’m really glad you were here.”

Social Media Increase VBS Registrations

Another large church saw a 30 percent increase in VBS registrations after they implemented the social media strategy we created for them. Those are real people attached to those numbers and, as most church workers know, as go the children, so go the parents.

Webinar Cultivates New Potential Donors

Lastly, a ministry we’re working with held a webinar to educate new and current members on the mission of the organization. Our social media content accounted for roughly the same amount of landing page visits as direct traffic. The over total campaign added just over 3,000 potential donors to their mailing list.


This ministry has a large new contingent of potential donors and supporters to work with.

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A Word of Caution

The Social Church Online Intensive is not magic. Just like anything in life, you’ll have to work to apply the information and resources you’ll receive. But here’s what I know: if you do the work, you’ll get results. Promise.

Take a moment to read through everything you’ll get when you join the intensive. The list is pretty stellar. We’re expecting a great crowd and would love to have you!

Learn More + Register Here

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