Why You Need a Content Creation System


I showed this slide at an event I was speaking at recently. It shows my peak weekly content creation cycle:

Justin's content schedule

Many people in the crowd were aghast at how much content I was responsible for producing each and every week.

*GULP* You do all that in one week? someone asked.

While it may seem like a lot of content (and, depending on your viewpoint, may actually be a lot of content), the heavy-lifting has already been done before I start.

Let me explain…

The Myth of the Super Content Creator

I’m not a fast typer. I struggle with writing clearly and cogently. The reality is I’m prone to laziness and distraction. Left to my own devices, I’d probably binge-watch episodes of Homeland or Glee all day long.

Do you know what the secret is to creating great content? A repeatable system based on audience research. In other words, knowing when and where you’re going to post based on the preferences of your audience.

That’s it.

Why do I love systems so much? Well, like some of you, I grew up with ADD/ADHD. Bouncing off the walls, unable to sit still, talking to all my classmates—in other words, an elementary school teacher’s worst nightmare.

Professionals who study this stuff call it a “condition,” but I just call it being a creative kid who didn’t mold well to a classroom setting. Either way, I was getting nowhere in school and the drugs (i.e. Ritalin) didn’t work. So…we had to think of a different way.

Enter: schedules (or, more broadly, constraints).

What worked then works for me now. Time constraints, repeatable procedures, and schedules all factor into my content creation rhythm. I have to stick to a schedule or none of it would ever get created.

Too many flashy things. Too many opportunities. Too many distractions.

What’s Your Struggle? (I Bet I Know!)

You may not struggle with ADD/ADHD, but my guess is you’ve struggled to consistently produce valuable, research-driven content. In short, you don’t know what to post, when or where to post, or what your audience preferences are.

Am I right? (Don’t worry, everyone has a hard time with this. You’re not alone!)

Here’s what I’ve learned about content; why it’s so important to deliver consistently:

The Truth

[Tweet “Social media effectiveness starts with trust, trust builds loyalty, loyalty builds results.”]

Once you begin to lose trust with your audience, the game’s over. It’s really difficult to build that trust up again.

Conversely, if you deliver over and over again, you’ll be a hero to your audience. There are so very few consistent things in this world, you’ll stand out like a light shining in a dark room. (And consistency is different than frequency. You can deliver consistently once a week/month/quarter/year and still be wildly effective.)

[Tweet “The key to delivering consistently is to build a content creation system whereby predictable results occur.”]

Build a Strong Delivery System

Good news: I’m gearing up to unveil the entire system I use for content creation. It’s a process I’ve honed over the years to help me produce regular, consistent social media content.

Better news: More importantly, all the big players in the social media game—the ones who are doing it right–all have a similar system. I’ve interviewed many of them and found out what works (and what doesn’t).

The process is part of the THINK DIGITAL Academy which launches in September. Sign-up for the Insiders List and get the best bonuses, unreleased content, and exclusive offers. (Plus, I’ll give you a free editorial calendar just for signing up!)


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