5 Reasons Why I Should Be Social Czar of Des Moines


I want to be a czar. Social Czar, to be exact. Of Des Moines. (I mean, how many times does one get to add the “czar” title to their LinkedIn resumé?)

It's amazing what five minutes in Photoshop can do.

Yes, you heard me right. There’s a competition to become the Social Czar of Des Moines and I am in the running. Go figure. Want to help me out?

In a somewhat tongue-in-cheek way to raise visibility for the Des Moines Social Club and money for charities, the good folks at the DMSC are holding a Faux Caucus at their annual New Year’s Eve Bash. I’d love to win this thing for my charity, The Move Project.

Vote for me and The Move Project here.

My friend Brianne Sanchez, who I told you about the other day, is involved. That means it’s solid. Here’s the official explanation for the event:

We’re holding a Faux Caucus at The Bash this year! Vote for your favorite nominee – or write in a candidate. The top five with compete on NYE to raise money for the charity of their choice and present ideas for improving Des Moines. Voting ends on Monday, December 19th at noon.

Here are five reasons why I should be Social Czar:

5. I don’t own a t-shirt shop. Mike Draper does, so he’s got a built-in voting base for this thing. Plus, he’s too busy making awesome shirts. And he wants you to vote for Drew, anyway.

4. My hair. Fellow Faux Caucus nominee, Josh Fleming said, and I quote, “If people are voting on hair, you win.” My competition is quaking in their boots.

3. I want an excuse to carry around a scepter. With a title like “Social Czar”, you best believe I’m going straight to Nobbies and getting myself a scepter to carry around the city. RESPECT THE CZAR.

2. I believe in The Move Project. Sam and Nick Mahlstadt are doing work that matters, and if I win, more people who need it will get food, water and shelter here in Des Moines.

1. I love Des Moines. Truly, this is my home. In whatever capacity I’m able to, I’d love to leverage this playful role to connect groups of folks here in town that don’t normally cross paths: Downtown to suburbia; Kevin Cooney to John Bachman; Iowa Corn Association to a PR firm; Valley and Dowling grads. You get the idea.

Naturally, your vote would be most helpful :). We’re goin’ Chicago-style politics up in this mug, so vote early and often. Voting ends Monday, December 19th!



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