Effective Email Newsletters in 60 Minutes (or Your Money Back!)


I think ProBlogger, Darren Rowse, said it best:

If you haven’t tapped the power of an email list, it’s time to start. You have no more excuses. And I’m going to show you how to do it.

I’ll be leading the “Email Marketing for the Rest of Us” webinar this Wednesday, December 12, from 7:30-8:30 PM CST. The cost is just $29.

(You can also read more of the details here.)

Increase Email List Subscribers

This webinar will teach you the method I used to increase my subscriber list by 352% in one year. It’s not hokey magic, either. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is. Really!

With my own email list, I was frustrated with my lack of growth and engagement. Month after month, I would send with puny open rates and little-to-no click-throughs. I knew emails worked, I just wasn’t doing it right.

Then I made a few simple tweaks–changes we’ll go through in this webinar–and it was off to the races. Early reviews are in (thanks beta testers!) and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive:

You are given everything from the statistics of what works, down to an actual layout that works the best.

It provides direction on something that isn’t really talked about in many of the presentations on communications I’ve attended.

This is the most practical advice you’d get to grow your email marketing and make it awesome.

Attending this webinar is pretty much a no brainer.

Learn the Anatomy of a Perfect Email Newsletter

Did you know there’s a structure to email newsletters that statistically guarantees more click-throughs? You’ll learn what it is in this webinar.

Learn how to structure content and images so your reader isn’t overwhelmed, thus chucking your email (and valuable message) into the trash. The trash! That’s no place for your precious newsletter.

No one put's my emails in the corner.

Again, this isn’t rocket science. Like me, you’ll probably be thinking, “why didn’t I think of that?” But sometimes the simplest solutions are the most difficult to find.

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This isn’t about padding your numbers, buying email lists, or spamming people to Kingdom Come. It’s about achieving goals and creating something of real value for the people connected to your online community.

(You can also read more of the details here.)
P.S. – I’m so confident you’ll get value out of this webinar I’m offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If you go through the session and don’t get out of it what you want, I’ll refund your registration! No questions asked.


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