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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all! Hopefully you’re neck deep in presents, wrapping paper, fruitcake, family and friends. For those who celebrate Christmas, here are some of my favorite videos to celebrate the day with!

Charo on Pee Wee’s Christmas Special

We used to watch this special nonstop during the holiday season. Who doesn’t love watching Pee Wee?

New Kids on the Block – “Funky, Funky Christmas”

This one’s for my wife. Nothing says “God made flesh” like NKOTB. (Watch Donny…Or is it Danny?)

Saturday Night Live – “I Wish it Were Christmas Today”

The newer version, but a classic nonetheless.

RUN DMC – “Christmas in Hollis”

One of my first holiday memories is seeing this video on MTV. Love it to this day for that very reason.

Linus Explains Christmas

You didn’t think I’d let you get out of here without seeing this one, did you? EPIC.

A very special holiday greeting to you and yours this special day. Wherever you’re celebrating…


Justin, Kerry, Finn and Baby Wise

Assorted tips, get it?

Assorted tips, get it?

I totally stole this idea from Seth Godin. You are welcome. 

  1. Fresh herb plants (basil, thyme, rosemary) are one of the best investments you can make if you’re a foodie. Buy a heat lamp, too.
  2. If you have an artificial Christmas tree, buy a bag to put in. You’ll thank me for this next week.
  3. Test your snowblower out before the first storm of the season.
  4. This Keurig is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life.
  5. Drink a glass of water the first thing after you wake up.
  6. Buy generic everything except: Triscuits, Peanut Butter Crunch, batteries, Oreos, and toothpaste.
  7. If you find a good mechanic, stay with them.
  8. Use the Oxford comma.
  9. If you’re going to have more than three paragraphs of text on a web page, make sure it’s broken up into readable blocks. If it’s not, nearly no one is reading it and you’re wasting your time.
  10. Use Three Sentences. Constantly.
  11. If you make the root of an onion the last thing you cut off, you won’t cry (as much). Most of the “cry juice” is in the root.
  12. Spend at least one or two 12-hour blocks during the week where you’re off social media.
  13. Try eating one vegetarian meal per day. It gives your digestive system a “protein breather,” if you know what I’m saying.
  14. Kefir is a pain in the neck to try and make. Just buy it from the store.

And that, my friends, is how you do random thoughts.

I’m stating it for the record right now: I want this to be my birthday cake next year.

Happy Birthday!

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Andy Warhol once said that “…everyone will be world-famous for 15-minutes.” It seems my fifteen famous minutes were to be spent with Kathie Lee Gifford. Yes, that Kathie Lee.

I spent the earlier part of this week in New York City for the Business Insider’s Social Media Analytics conference. One of the next challenges I’m taking on at MonkDev is figuring this out for the organizations we work with, as well as our own.

As you can imagine, the flights in and out of Des Moines are sparse, so I had a few hours to kill before my flight left after the conference concluded. I’d always wanted to visit the “Today Show”, so I wandered down to the West 49th-studio to see what all the fuss was about.

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My wife and I just got back from four nights in San Francisco. We wore flowers in our hair (she did, anyway), ate sourdough, laughed at the fat seals (haha!) and generally had a exquisite time.

Below are the top pics from our voyage. Enjoy!

1. Taking it to the Sky

Somewhere over the Rockies. I think. (I was never good at geography.)

2. In N’ Out without a doubt!

This was our first San Francisco meal. It was also the cheapest. And the best.

3. Taffy. Boatloads of taffy

We went to San Francisco and all I got was a three (THREE!) pound bag of taffy.

4. Fish from the aquarium

Standing below a bajillion gallon tank filled with fish. This was the one shot I got before the giant sea bass came and devoured nearly this entire school of fishies.

5. Fisherman’s Wharf sign

What you don’t see is the street performer wearing silver streamers and a robot mask who openly mocked my ‘do. Jerk.

6. Emotive robots

Someone had the ingenuity to paint little faces on the municipal electrical boxes of San Francisco. This one was my favorite.

7. The group of German-speaking weirdos

This group of individuals cascaded past us just outside of Ghiradelli Square. They were wearing blonde wigs, wooden clogs, and masks on the back of their heads. Only in America (or is it San Francisco?).

8. Not-so-quiet riot

We, literally, got stuck in the middle of a riot. This was the San Franciso version of Occupy Wall Street. My wife was talking trash to the protesters. I was just hoping to not get stabbed by tweaked-out hippies.

9. Real World San Francisco

I half-expected Puck, Judd, Pam and the rest of the gang to come bounding outside this Lombard Street home. This is where the Real World San Francisco crew stayed. Verified by the bum down the street.

10. Dipping garlic

We ate one of the most unique meals I’ve ever had in my life at the Stinking Rose. Everything is made with garlic. Even the ice cream. You dipped your bread in this dish. I woke up the next morning with a garlic clove in my mouth. Weird.

11. The perfect breakfast

This was the “Californian” egg scramble from the Hollywood Cafe. Smoked salmon, shrimp, caper berries and sourdough toast. One of my favorite meals.

12. This is where Danny Tanner lived

The “Full House” crew lived here before Danny Tanner got weird. Alamo Square is one of the only places we saw grass (mowing kind) in the city.

13. Tomatoes

These are beautiful tomatoes from the Ferry Market on Pier 1. Gorgeous produce tucked inside an indoor Farmer’s Market.

14. GGB, yeah you know me!

I was a first-timer to the Golden Gate Bridge. Absolutely stunning. Loved every minute of it, despite the two teenagers making out (with tongue) just to the right of this photo.

Other notes

  • San Francisco was brighter than I thought it would be.
  • If you go, rent a car. Parking is super expensive, but we found it so helpful to be able to get up and go whenever we needed. Public transportation is good, but having a car is better.
  • The trolleys are fun and dangerous. Kind of like riding a rollercoaster with no harness.
  • Driving down the crooked Lombard St. was such a thrill. And a guy thing. A “bucket list” item for sure.
  • Stay in Fisherman’s Wharf if you can. It’s way more expensive, but being close to the action is key for a good trip.

We had a brilliant time together. I told my wife I owe her one vacation per year. This one set the bar high!