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I want to share one last Gary Vaynerchuk story with you. Today I want you to see the formula Gary uses for influencing audiences to take action.

You ready? Here it is:

  1. Build a community.
  2. Build valuable content for the community that drives awareness to the thing.
  3. Community spreads content (and thereby awareness) for you.
  4. You see results.

Let’s take a look at each one of those in detail…

1. Build a community

The tactics for building a community are as wide as they are deep. The basic strategy, however, stays the same: add value and help your community.

Building an online community is definitely a “chicken or the egg?” question. For instance, how do you add value to a community that doesn’t exist? You have to get people to the party before you can fire up the grill, bust out the apps, and serve up a few cold ones.

But I’ve learned you can always start somewhere. And “adding value” actually needs to be broken down into two steps: Sharing and Interaction.

Sharing: This is the part most of us understand and most commonly associate with social media. We share links, tweets, posts, videos, events, offers—content. Building a community with sharing means being in-tune with their wants and needs.

Interaction: This is other half a lot of us forget. We share content, but then never take time to interact with those whom the content resonates. This is a fatal flaw. This step alone separates the spam from the steak. If you are too busy to interact with your audience, you are too busy to see results from them.

2. Build valuable content for the community that drives awareness to the thing.

This is the ultimate Trojan horse. Create content that meets the needs of your audience while embedding a “marketing” message inside the content. If your audience finds it valuable, they spread the content and awareness for your “thing” (Gary’s actual words) and everyone wins.

The key here is knowing what your community finds valuable. In other words, you have to put the right bait on the hook. You can’t fish for bass with Play-Dough (or so I’m told). Get the right lure on the hook and you’ll reel them in.

(We teach our Think Digital Academy members how to do this, by the way. If you’re not seeing the results you want, grab a free trial here.)

3. Community spreads content (and thereby awareness) for you.

In real life, one of the best all-time examples of this strategy is Felix Baumgartner’s space jump.

My guess is you know exactly who was behind the jump, don’t you? Yep, Red Bull. Felix didn’t pop the top of a Red Bull right before his jump, pausing to wink and smile at the camera. He didn’t have to. The space jump (read: content) was so utterly fascinating, we gulped it down without even thinking. Then we went back for seconds (read: sharing the content). Then we won then Red Bull won. Hooray, winning!

4. You see results.

When you nail the content piece, your community will naturally and intuitively want to share it. Reasons abound, but they will feel gratitude you’ve helped them and want to repay the favor.

They’ll also want to look like heroes to their online community, and bringing the right content—YOUR content—helps them do this (think of the guy who comes to the barbecue with filets for everyone vs. the hosebag who shows up with half-empty bag of greasy potato chips. Big difference!).

Both of these factors ultimately drive results to “the thing” you’ve embedded in your helpful content.

It’s not rocket science. You may have been nodding your head in agreement the whole time. But so few of us truly understand how to execute this strategy effectively.

But the key to victory is simple: ruthlessly study and focus on the needs of your online community. It all starts (and ends) there.

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