Learnings from the 10 Ways to Grow Your Business with Social Media Webinar


If you’re involved in business at all, chances are high that you’ve wondered how to leverage social media for the betterment of your organization. “How does Twitter convert into real dollars?” “What’s Google+ and why do I need it for my business?” “When do fans on our fan page convert into customers?” Am I right? Thought so.

The good folks at Social Media Examiner put together the “10 Ways to Grow Your Business with Social Media” webinar. I attended the full session and, just in case you don’t have time to watch it yourself, you can find the juiciest bits after the break. Enjoy!

Here’s what I learned. The full video, if you’re interested, is at the bottom of the post.

Google+ Business Page

  • Create your Google+ page here: http://plus.google.com/pages/create
  • Limitations
    • Only one admin
    • Can only follow fans back
  • Everyday we have a post, we tag the author and link the post
  • We ask questions when we post to get traffic in front of people on Google+
  • Go to https://developers.google.com/+/plugins/badge/config
  • Grab a badge and put it on your website
  • Why? You get more recommendations for your site in Google search
  • More Google juice!

Getting Leads via Facebook

  • What is a lead?
    • Not just a “like”
    • If you have 600 likes, you don’t have 600 leads
  • Leads have the authority and the means to purchase your product
  • Offer a freebie – valuable report, discount, coupon
  • Requires an iFrame Application for a Custom Tab
  • Can be set as default landing tab (first place when they come to your page)
  • Design your own or hire someone
  • Check this post out for more info on custom tabs: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/top-10-facebook-apps-for-building-custom-pages-tabs/

Promote Your Webinar to Your Audience

  • User webinar service to capture emails; let folks know that they will get follow-up messages from  you
  • Promote a product or service at the end, but make sure you add value so it’s not just a pitch-fest
  • Webinar providers
  • Run a Facebook contest
    • Showcase your product or service
    • Gather emails of leads
    • Fun for community
    • Shared
    • People like to win
  • Contest Applications

Leverage YouTube’s Power

  • Serves over 3 billion videos everyday
  • On-par with Facebook in terms of viewership
  • Create videos that answer your ideal customers biggest questions
  • You have to get the videos seen by people on the videos, this is the key!
  • Make sure your title, description, tags, and narrative (i.e., the speaking part) are keyword-laden with the term that you’re looking to be found on
  • Next, spread the word
    • Email blast
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook

Find Your Audience on Twitter

  • Search hashtags using search.twitter.com
  • Search what people are saying about your competitors
  • Find complaints from users of a competitor’s product and link to a blog post that shows the value of your own product
  • Restrict your search to geographical areas
  • Reduce your signal-to-noise by creating lists of your favorite users to save time and follow people who are interesting to you

How to Use LinkedIn Groups

  • If you’re in B2B you need to be on LinkedIn Groups
  • Find the appropriate people by joining the appropriate links
  • Look locally, look vertically for industry-related subjects
  • Listen to what your customers, clients and base are struggling with and how you can help them with your product
  • Follow the Pareto principle: 80% adding value, 20% talking about stuff you do and how you can help with your product
  • Sign up for your LinkedIn daily digest for groups; no need to check in like you do on Facebook

Finding Blog Topic Ideas

  • If there are people talking about your industry online, you can find ideas for your blog
  • Look at Q&A sites:
  • Find out where the pain points are for people in your industry and form blog topics around it
  • Ideas from social media
    • Advice for people going into social media?
    • Is your Twitter marketing strategy working?
    • Ask you audience their top Facebook question
    • Great books on LinkedIn marketing

How to Promote Your Posts

  • Unless you have a huge audience, blog posts won’t announce themselves to the world.
  • If you are writing valuable content, you are doing your audience a disservice by not telling them about your latest post!
  • Promote your content through:
    • Social media: Make sure you actually go to the platform itself and post a link that way; adds more functionality; better engagement rate, etc.
    • Commenting: CommentLuv or directly through the platform
  • Leverage your analytics
    • Know what’s working and what’s not
    • Keywords and landing pages: Are visitors getting what they want?

Closing Remarks

  • Social Media Examiner launched “Networking Clubs“, a place where you can go and ask questions, get support, join a community for people who have the same questions as you do
  • Allows you to login via Facebook or Twitter
  • It’s free. Always has been and always will be.
  • You get rank badges as you participate more and more.
  • Has a leader board for the most active people that will go on the main page! Rewards those that are most active
  • Has different clubs where you can get your questions answered by real experts
  • Put interest in at socialmediaexaminer.com/networkingclubs

Overall I thought the webinar was well-done, although a bit surface level for my liking. That said, I live and breathe this stuff everyday and still managed to find some things that I need to do differently. I can’t wait to put some of these practices into play. Both for myself and some of our clients.

Are you wondering where to get started in your own social media efforts? Perhaps you’d enjoy coming to my 1-hour seminar at the end of January on building a simple social media strategy? There are still some early bird seats left, with regular registration priced at $30. Check out the details and decide if it’s something you and your team might find useful.

What did you think of the webinar? Either the info up above or the full Monty, if you’re a baller! Let me know in the comments below. Yo.


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