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Let me paint you a picture of what you never want to have happen on your trip to the local coffee shop. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

Dirty, smelly mop water slopping everywhere. The scaly sound of a bristle brush scraping against the tile floor. An aloof employee with little to no regard for the customers he was completely turning off. The dampening of your pant leg with a splash from the aforementioned mop water.

Sounds…perfectly dreadful, right? It was guh-ross.

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When I used to think of people with assistants, I conjured up images of a hot shot CEO barking at his poor assistant with a cigar in his mouth and glass of scotch in his hand. I don’t know why, but I blame Looney Tunes.

Helping Hand

To be honest, I didn’t very much see the need for assistants. “How hard could it be to get done what you need to? With the proper planning and efficiency, I shouldn’t need help!”

Then I put my big boy pants on. After leaving my job in ministry, I noticed that my workload increased significantly. Add to that a new baby, investing more time into my nonprofit, and collaborating on side projects, and you’ve got yourself one busy day.

I hated to admit it. But the evidence was clear: I needed help. I needed an assistant.

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I just saw a Facebook post from one of my favorite high school teachers. He was referencing a new tent his wife bought for their young son, lamenting how it was overtaking his living room.

Thomas the Train

Two things:

  1. I can relate. Our house is a veritable Carnivale de Toddler.
  2. His personality hasn’t changed one bit throughout the years.

But I also noticed something else when I was on his page. Names. Lots of names. Names I recognized. Names of old classmates, to be exact. All commenting on an old teacher’s Facebook page, some 15 years after most of us had graduated.

Why is this? Why would old students take the time to catch up with an old teacher and stay connected with him throughout the years? I think it’s for three simple reasons.

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