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I think I’ve found the key to being a good business person. Heck, it may even be the secret to life for all I know.

When I step back and look at the times in my career when I’ve been most fulfilled, someone(s) else benefits as well. The classic “win-win” scenario.

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• The more people give up pursuing their own dreams, the more they attempt to discourage others from chasing their own.

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• The site got a much needed design refresh. Many thanks to the Wizard, Michael Novotny, for the code magic. Simply stunning!

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I’ve never been more appreciative of grace. This past week we had a major snafu with an event I was running. Thankfully, everyone involved had a good perspective and made it easy for me. I was already mortified enough!

Speaking of events, I’m slightly revamping my approach to Social Des Moines. We’ll be offering the next one for free and capping it (solidly) at 30 participants. First come, first serve. Watch this site for details.

• One of our local news anchors will be retiring in November. I know it sounds silly, but I’ll miss John Bachman. He’s been behind the news desk at NBC since our family moved into the area. I have some more thoughts on John I’ll share later this week. You will be missed, Mr. Bachman!

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There’s this thing about name-dropping: It works.

That’s right. It works. That’s what makes name-dropping so insidious.


Dead man walkin'.

Name-dopping happens when people don’t know who they are. They use the reputation of other people to prop themselves up. It’s like an emotional version of “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

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