Using Social Media to Get What You Want For Christmas


It’s no secret in my family: I love gifts.

I love getting presents, giving presents, opening other people’s presents–I love presents! That being said, there have been a few times over the years where I’ve opened a present and been thoroughly disappointed by what was inside. It’s the thought that counts–unless you’re not sure what the person was thinking when they bought you that gift!

I wanted to make sure my family and friends had an easy way to access gift ideas for me at their convenience. My wife started getting the “What does Justin want for Christmas?” questions in September, so I thought I’d ease the strain on her and leverage the social web in the process.

Enter: You’re looking at a picture of my Delicious feed with the tag “xmas2010″. We’ll get to how I did that in a second. But first, a snapshot of what is.

Essentially, the site serves as a social bookmarking service. You can tag posts, sites and links and collect them all in your Delicious account. That way your bookmarks are available from any computer, at any time, from anywhere. Slick.

You can tag links a ton of different ways, I personally use the official Chrome extension. You can find an extension for Firefox and Safari as well. If extensions aren’t your thing, you can tag the manual way by heading to the site.

Once you have your method down, it’s time to start tagging the things you want for Christmas! As I stated earlier, I chose the tag “xmas2010″ for my wish list, but you can choose anything that makes sense to you.

That last thing I added was a Conan coffee mug. It was super easy. Here’s how it works:

1. Find your product.

2. Tag the link.

3. Share the Link/RSS feed.

Once you have all that done, you can hand out the link to whomever will be doing the shopping for you. You can give them the ol’ fashioned URL or set them up with the automatically generated category RSS feed. This way, they have a dynamically-updated, constant link to ensuring you get that perfect gift. Pretty easy, no?

Here’s a link to my wishlist if you want to see how it all works (or if you’re feeling generous!). What’s on your Christmas list? How do you go about getting your wishlist to the people in your life? Share.

Here’s to hoping you get what you want this Christmas!


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