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Church friends! We have an BRAND NEW online training coming your way at the end of the month. Best part? It’s FREE!

On October 30th from 1-3 PM Eastern, we’re launching the Social Church Live. It’s an online training event to help your church, ministry, or faith-based nonprofit build a digital marketing strategy and increase ministry results.

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Why Social Church Live?

Social Church Live exists for one reason: your church. We’ve assembled a unique blend of church and ministry digital marketing experts who want to show you how they leverage digital tools to further the cause of the Church.

This free online event will get you access to the movers and shakers who know what it takes to assemble a faith-based community online and influence their action.

Each learning session will give you practical tips and battle-tested insight you can use immediately to increase your online effectiveness for your church, ministry, or nonprofit.

At Social Church Live online event, we’ve worked hard to bring you solid concepts and actionable teaching from knowledgable speakers to help you learn:

  1. The easy-to-implement principles all successful churches use to create ministry results online
  2. How to attract new visitors with your social media content
  3. How to determine the value of your social media content (social media ROI)
  4. How to build an audience that has your back
  5. What pitfalls to steer clear of on social media
  6. How to get unstuck if your community-building efforts have plateaued
  7. Why your email list is one of the most important assets your organization has
  8. What social media metrics are the most important (and which ones you can forget about)
  9. Practical examples from world-class online communicators
  10. Plus so much more!

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Who should attend Social Church Live?

The list is is short, sweet, and simple: anyone who wants to achieve ministry results with their digital and social media content.

This includes:

  • Pastors
  • Church communicators
  • Nonprofit leaders
  • Volunteers
  • Administrative assistants
  • Seminaries
  • Charitable organizations
  • Creative directors

You will hear from speakers spanning dozens of different industries who have built up their influence and reaped tangible ministry results from doing so!

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Frequently Asked Questions, yo.

How will I get access to the online event?

Once you register, you’ll go into our system and receive instant confirmation of your registration. On the day of Social Church Live, we’ll send you an email with a unique log-in link to access the training and download the conference workbook.

What’s the cost for Social Church Live?

There is none, it’s FREE! There’s no catch. You get access to all this amazing coaching for free. The only investment you have to make is your time. Why are we giving away this jam-packed training? Because we know some of the people who sign-up will eventually want to upgrade to become Social Church members and take their ministry results to the next level. But whether you decide to upgrade or not, you get access to this event for free. Take it as a free gift from our team; no cost and no obligation.

What results can I expect after attending the online event?

Through the free training and practical wisdom you’ll get from our team of speakers, you’ll learn how to attract new people to your audience, engage more deeply with your online community, and influence your audience to take action when you ask.

Can I attend this event with my team?

Yes! In fact, we find people who attend our online events are more successful at implementing the material when there’s a team involved. The more the merrier =)

What if I have other questions which aren’t answered here?

Get in touch with us using the contact form on this site and someone from our team will respond within 24 hours. We hope to see you on October 30th!

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I am deathly afraid of snakes. I hate them. Can you relate?

I was mowing the lawn at my house last summer and nearly mowed over a snake. I didn’t see it at first, so I got closer to it than I was comfortable with. Once I saw it, I shrieked like a child and literally ran away screaming.

I knew I had to end the life of this wriggling, cold-blooded, meat pipe, so I did what any red-blooded American male would do: called my brother-in-law to come kill it.

The thought of shoving a shovel blade through the snake’s body was too much for me to bear. When Ben arrived, I gave him my garden spade and the battle cry of “make sure you cut his head off.”

I had only heard that in movies, but I wanted to pretend like I was being helpful.

Ben struck. I heard the same kind of crunch as when you crack a glow stick open. The snake perished. I picked up its disgusting, lifeless body with a snow shovel and threw it in a plastic grocery bag. What a way to go.

When you cut the head off a snake, it starts wriggling around, thrashing all about. It might even be comical if it wasn’t so damn disgusting.

To quote Morpheus, “the body cannot live without the mind.”

This is true for you and me as well. While our brains account for approximately 1 percent of our total body weight, we could not live without this vitally small percentage.

So much power packed into such a tiny space.

I find this to be true in other contexts as well:

A tiny rudder is responsible for steering a big ship.

A match can set blaze to a forest fire.

An axe can chop down a giant tree.

The tongue speaks words that start wars.

I was sitting in church yesterday and found myself thinking about the Think Digital productivity sheets I’ve been working on for the past few months. It’s a system I’m developing to help me get the most out of each day.

A few months ago I started realizing regular to-do lists just weren’t cutting it anymore.

I had tried every app you could think of—nothing seemed to work.

So I started experimenting with good ol’ fashioned pen and paper and noticed an instant improvement in what I was able to accomplish.

I’m on version five of the system and so far it’s helped me to obliterate my to-do list on a daily and weekly basis.

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Before we got married, my wife and I broke up four times. FOUR. TIMES.

To be more precise, I broke up with her four times because I was petrified of commitment. Not only that, she was the first woman I ever dated where I thought, “I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t with her.”

To a commitment-phobe, that’s like pushing the gas pedal to the floor with one foot while slamming the breaks with the other.

It doesn’t make sense. It’s a paradox. It’s complicated. It’s L-O-V-E, yo.

Long story short, she stuck with me (thankfully) and, seven years and two kids later, we’re happy as clams.

I am so thankful to look back and see the amazing people who helped me see:

  • How big of a doofus I was being
  • What I would have missed out on if I didn’t get a grip
  • The problem wasn’t with Kerry, the problem was with me!

See, I wanted the emotional connection to her without the commitment. I was afraid of committing–of truly putting someone else’s needs before my own–but still wanted all the benefits that come from it:

  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Security
  • Happiness
  • Love

In short, I was painfully selfish and completely unaware. (Not a good combo.) The only person I was concerned about in the relationship was me. What I could get out of the deal. How I could my needs met. Anyone who’s been in a one-sided relationship before knows how exhausting this can be. Relationships are two-way streets.

A good relationship is always give-and-take, share-and-listen, love-and-be-loved. Always.

Why am I telling you about my past relational issues? Because just as I had a commitment phobia in my relationship with Kerry (and it showed), many of us have commitment issues with our online communities (and it shows).

We want the connection to our community without the commitment. We want the benefits without the work. We want the reward without the risk.

We take more than we give. We share more than we listen. We want to be loved more than we love.

Buy this…
Click this…
Go here…
Volunteer for this…
Attend this…
Come now…
Share, Like, Comment…
Now, now, now…

This can work for a short amount of time, but sooner or later even the most patient person gets tired of the Me Monster. We’re all human, after all.

If it sounds funny to think about our online communities this way, it shouldn’t.

We live in an opt-in world. Seth Godin calls it “the connection economy,” and he’s right. Moving forward, all you have is relationships. Everything else is a distraction.

Your brand, your business, your church, your nonprofit–they will rise and fall on your ability to cultivate goodwill and build strong relationships online.

Read that last line again. Go ahead. Let it sink in.

You might be wondering what changed on the fourth break-up with my wife. The answer is simple: I knew that if I couldn’t get my act together, I’d lose her forever. I knew if I didn’t start investing in her like she had so faithfully invested in me, the kindest, smartest, sassiest woman I’d ever known was going to walk out the door for good. (And she would have had every right to do so.)

Things worked out and, slowly but surely, I learned to put her first.

Wise Family

Don’t lose your community because you couldn’t stop thinking about yourself. They’re the best thing you have going for you right now—your most valuable asset. Start treating them like it.