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We need to start thinking differently about social media in our churches.

Social media has been vilified, championed, and everything in between in our churches, and with good reason. It’s new, and anything new–especially substantially new–is usually feared at first.

But I believe it’s time to start thinking (and talking) differently about social media in our churches. My guess is you feel this pain as well. With Facebook turning 10 recently, social is maturing. Our attitudes and approach to it must mature as well.

If you need a starting point for social media in your church, start with the following list. Print it out at and give it to your staff. Send it to your lead pastor. Let’s take a look at how we can start thinking differently about our churches and social media.

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Blog - 12-27-13

It’s all about MORE. Like it or not, when an organization decides to use social media, it’s to see an increase in something—money, attendees, sales, happiness.

Social media is an investment, which is why social media return on investment/ROI is the keyword we all love and know.

Recently, I was doing some online digging into social media ROI. The top result was an old post from my blog and it forced me to see how I haven’t been bringing up this side of social media enough recently, especially when it comes to my church friends and clients.

It’s a crucial discussion that churches need to be having, and it starts with the question: “How do we determine if we are being successful with our social media efforts?”

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How would your life change if you could spend your day being a full-time blogger?

That’s what I asked a bunch of my friends recently. Here’s what they said:

If I could become a full-time blogger and author, I could pay off debt and live like my wife and I have ALWAYS WANTED TO! — Lloyd, Kansas City

if I were a full-time blogger, being a professor would not only be workable, but complimentary. — Bea, Pennsylvania

Being a full-time blogger would allow me to help others in concretely achieving their dreams. — Andrew, Nigeria

Being a blogger would let me be my own boss. — Kristen, St. Louis

Take a moment and re-read some of those answers…what themes do you see?

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