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How would your life change if you could spend your day being a full-time blogger?

That’s what I asked a bunch of my friends recently. Here’s what they said:

If I could become a full-time blogger and author, I could pay off debt and live like my wife and I have ALWAYS WANTED TO! — Lloyd, Kansas City

if I were a full-time blogger, being a professor would not only be workable, but complimentary. — Bea, Pennsylvania

Being a full-time blogger would allow me to help others in concretely achieving their dreams. — Andrew, Nigeria

Being a blogger would let me be my own boss. — Kristen, St. Louis

Take a moment and re-read some of those answers…what themes do you see?

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“We got more ‘likes’!” Great. Now what?

You spent time, energy, brain cells, sometimes money to get “likes,” but what’s the point? What’s the end game?

Let me be clear: “Engagement” and “interaction” are fuzzy metrics used by good-meaning social media strategists who have no idea what they’re doing.

If you’re paying someone for social media management and the only metric they can point to us more “likes” or “more retweets,” run the other way. Get out.

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Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Honesty is the best policy. Until you have to be honest with yourself and your community. Then it pretty much sucks.

Inspired by James Altucher’s must-read book, Choose Yourself, I decided to start getting honest. This is part two of the “Honesty List” series. You can can read part one here.

Below are additional confessions I want to make to you, my community, my friends. This set is more business-focused than yesterday’s post, but it’s where my head space is lately. Launching our first product has given me a few insights I’d like to share. Hopefully they’ll inspire you in some capacity.

Read, enjoy, confess something of your own in the comments.

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Whenever I speak at conferences or lead social media workshops, inevitably I talk to people who need more help than we have time for.

You only have a few moments after the session before people get whisked away to the next round of speakers.

That’s one of the reasons why I created Think Digital Academy, a social media coaching program that teaches you how to build an online audience while influencing them to take action. I wanted more time with you.

These are tips, tricks, systems, and processes I’ve been using for years to build an online audience of my own. I realized my system worked when I started getting speaking requests, consulting gigs, and a book deal—all from the middle of a cornfield in Iowa. “If this works for me…” I thought, “it can work for anyone.

And it has.

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Do you remember the scene in “Back to the Future III” when Doc is trying to get Marty back to 1988 by pushing the DeLorean with a train?

If you don’t, or haven’t seen this cinematic masterpiece, here’s a recreation of the scene in Lego form:

Point of No Return

There was a “point of no return” on the tracks where, once passed, they had to commit or abandon ship. Inaction was no an option.

In many ways, we are approaching the “point of no return” for organizations and social media. The ones who choose to invest now won’t get left behind. The ones that don’t, will.

”What do you mean by ‘left behind’?”

I mean exactly what you think I mean. No metaphor or allegory here. Just cold, hard reality.

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