The Most Important Lesson I Learned in 2013


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The following is from a stream of tweets I sent out last night as the clock struck midnight here in Des Moines. They were raw, unedited, and totally honest. Enjoy

2013 showed me that, no matter what someone might tell you, it is up to you to START the work of building your dream—it’s on YOU.

You must START, but you must find others who want to help you make it happen. Get rid of the doubters, the haters, the phonies.

SO many people are sitting in a job they hate/tolerate because the risk of launching out on their own seems too great.

Having taken the trembling steps forward to build the life I want (instead of the one others what for me), I can tell you it is terrifying. There’s no way of getting around it.

But I wouldn’t—not even for a minute—trade the experience of this past year. 2013 literally changed the course of my life. That’s not an overstatement.

By no means do I feel like I’ve “made it,” but as I succeed in 2014, it will be because of that first step…

2014 will continue to be FILLED with first steps. Constant, fearful, excitable first steps.

Will you join me? Let’s do this. Go get ‘em!



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