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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let me be one of the first blogs to welcome you to 2012. What a long, strange trip it’s been. Here’s to many more! I hope your holiday was restful and fulfilling.

I made a few changes on the blog while you were away. Notably, you’ll see a few opportunities to sign up for my newsletter. It’s simple, clean, and chock-full of resources. I hope you’ll consider joining!

More than thrilled to join the Community Leader team at Hopefully you’ll visit, read, and comment. But keep it clean, otherwise I’ll hit the BUHLETED button! I really look up to Michael, so this is a great privilege for me. Congrats to the rest of the team as well. 93 applied, 10 were selected. Glad to be amongst this company!

Do you watch MMA? I love MMA and happened to catch UFC 141 with Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem? Good GREIF! It was like watching two rhinos with fists beat each other bloody. Where do you stand with MMA?

We’ve been having unseasonably warm weather here in the DeMo. Global warming? Sheesh, I hope not. I need my seasons. I need snow in the winter. Wherever you’re at in the world, have you been seeing the same thing? Are your weather patterns different? Same?

I bought a LunaTik wristband for the iPod Nano I got for Christmas. Wearable technology. Cynthia Ware called it years ago (although, this is par for the course. She’s Mensa-level.)

18 social media quotes (that don’t suck).

• A cool new way to track your goals,

Minimalism is something I’ve decided to dedicate myself to in 2012. Less of a resolution. More of a lifestyle. Minimalism is asking, “how much do I really need?” and “what can I get rid of?” relentlessly and categorically.

• Can someone explain the US tax system to me? Because I don’t get it.

Living in Iowa, political talk is all the rage this time of year. You know what term I’m tired of hearing? “Flip-flopper.” I mean, who hasn’t flip-flopped? Regardless of someone’s politics, are we not allowed to change our minds or positions? We make decisions based on the facts available to us at a specific point in time. Sometimes those facts change. Changing a position to massage a voting base is one thing. Changing one’s mind is another. </soapbox>

• Below: My Twitter unfollow experiment. What you’re seeing is two different graphs: the top is my Twitter influence score (via @SocialBro), the bottom my follower count from Twitter. As you can see, my follower count went way down after I unfollowed the vast majority of my Twitter feed. Conversely, this had the opposite effect on my influence. Simply put, the more people unfollowed me, the greater my influence score became. Interesting, no?

• What’s the latest and greatest in your world?

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