Top-of-Mind Mondays


What’s crack-a-lackin’ nephews? Did you know that Snoop Dogg was on the Price is Right recently? Methinks Snoop is spending too much money on his greenery.

Rest and relaxation is underrated. I took two naps, each day, over the weekend. That felt good.

I like my Kindle more than my iPad. Maybe it’s a phase. Maybe it’s not. All I can say is, the smaller the better.

Joe Paterno is dead. I’ll be honest, I’m really conflicted on this one. One one hand, you have a guy who did some amazing things for a lot of people. But, even in the midst of that, I can’t help thinking about the fact that he didn’t stand up when it mattered most. Here’s a great, level-headed response from one of our local newscasters.

I grow weary of endless name-dropping. It’s unfortunate to watch good-hearted people believe the lie that you need to name-drop to get ahead in life. The reality is that it makes us look weak and petty. Know who you are. Know whose you are.

I’ve started drinking apple cider vinegar. Why? you may ask. The benefits are wide and varied, but suffice to say it’s keeping things moving, ifyouknowhatimean.

Pats v. Giants? Blarg. The only good that can come of this Super Bowl is watching a homeless-looking Bill Belly-check lose. And Eli winning, I suppose. Not a more underrated quarterback out there. Also, former Hawkeye T-Sash is on the Giants. I’d love to see him be a part of the Super Bowl-winning team!

My favorite line from “We Bought a Zoo”: “Would you choose people or animals? Me too. People!” (Also, the film’s music score was done by none other than Jonsí. A please surprise!)

Really like the guys over at BufferApp. Easy-to-use service and they retweet the crap out of my posts. Not a bad combo :)

• You owe it to yourself to listen to Avicii’s New Year’s Eve set on Pier 41. It will make you a better person.

• Did I mention the world could use a little less name-dropping?

• Below: Gary Vosot: Westchester’s finest. (And he’ll kill you.)

• What’s the latest and greatest in your world?

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