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I’ve never been more appreciative of grace. This past week we had a major snafu with an event I was running. Thankfully, everyone involved had a good perspective and made it easy for me. I was already mortified enough!

Speaking of events, I’m slightly revamping my approach to Social Des Moines. We’ll be offering the next one for free and capping it (solidly) at 30 participants. First come, first serve. Watch this site for details.

• One of our local news anchors will be retiring in November. I know it sounds silly, but I’ll miss John Bachman. He’s been behind the news desk at NBC since our family moved into the area. I have some more thoughts on John I’ll share later this week. You will be missed, Mr. Bachman!

I cannot say enough good things about our small group. The idea of facilitated community has never sat well with me, but this one works. Love the fact that the group of us gets together every week, kids and all, to talk shop and share a meal. Underrated, for sure.

I had a thought (scary, I know) when I was reading over the weekend. If you want to succeed, excel, and beat your competition, all you need to do is be consistent. I swear it’s the most overlooked value out there. If you’re consistent in your business, relationships, disciplines, etc., you’ll be better off than 95% of the general public. Consistency shines.

• Does anyone else find it ironic that one of the most compelling, cogent, and grace-filled critiques of Mark Driscoll is being written by a woman? Rachel Held Evans is sharp.

• “Stop sending resumés,” say some companies.

How to work with someone you hate.

I’m almost through The Hunger Games trilogy. As you’ll remember, I bought the first one by accident and couldn’t put it down. Now I’m having that familiar feeling of, “What will I read when it’s all over?” Sad. Sidenote: Reading fiction is important for the brain. Sometimes you need a (good, healthy) break from reality.

“Pay the farmer now or the doctor later.” These words hang in our kitchen for a reason. Never have I been more convicted of what I put into my body than this season of life. My son’s food allergies have been a blessing in disguise. Turns out some of the (FDA-approved) foods we were eating were slowly poisoning us.

This should make your blood boil.

• Below: A freaking 14-lb. baby born here in Des Moines. We grow ‘em big, folks!

• What’s the latest and greatest in your world?

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