Top-of-Mind Mondays


• Seth Godin once said that you don’t need more time to decide, you just need to make a decision. I think he’s right. The more time we’re given, the less likely we are to make the decision we want to make. What do you need to decide on today?

• Usually I’m a fan on ESPN, but not this week. In case you missed it, the sports network ran a Jeremy Lin story with the headline, “Chink in the Armor”. Lin is Asian-American. No, I’m not making this up. Yes, they ran the headline online and spoke in on the air. I’m honestly baffled at how this happened. Even worse, the “apology” was more CYA and less, “wow, we really screwed up.” See for yourself here.

• I commented on ESPN’s apology. That comment got picked up here and here for news stories.

• Seriously. That really happened. In the 21st century. *shakes head*

• Pistachios. Where have you been all my life?

• I finally had the chance to check out the oft-mentioned CREMA coffee shop when I was in Nashville over the weekend. Verdict? Judging by the Cuban I had (I ordered the “hot Cuban” and laughed at myself. The barista did not.), it is well worth the hype.

• If you’re ever in Nashville, call up Kyle Reed and ask him to give you a tour. He will take you to the place the quarterback Steve McNair was shot, tell you how to shed unwanted panhandlers, and then charge you $30. Well worth it.

• The team at Crosspoint Church have a great thing going. The whole service was 60-minutes and I didn’t feel like I was cheated. Worship was meaningful. Message was solid,to-the-point, and practical. Announcements were informative and brief. More churches should do this.

• I have to tell you about this. My wife is the only one who’s heard this story in detail. How I narrowly made my flight yesterday.

• Have you ever fallen off a treadmill? Like, not on purpose, but out of sheer buffoonery? If you have, you know the embarrassment that ensues after that motorized grip strip launches you into orbit in front of all your fellow gym patrons. In case you’re wondering, I fell off the treadmill today. I faked like a fainted to camouflage the fact that I simply tripped over my own two feet.

Tony Steward’s career is developing, and I love it. It’s been so fun to watch him transition from ministry to the marketplace. Great mind, great heart, great perspective. Go get ‘em.

• You know what word I could do without? “Dongle.”

• We’re transitioning Finn to a “big boy” bed this week. If you parents out there have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I’m contemplating telling him there are monsters under the bed just to get him to stay put. I probably won’t do it. Probably…

Below: I can’t stop watching this damn goat.

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