Top-of-Mind Mondays


  • I unplugged over the weekend. Biggest lesson learned? It’s hard to care about your Klout score when you’re at the park with your son. Not saying Klout isn’t important, just saying that there other things to concern yourself with.

  • Biggest Announcement of Day: I’ve released my first ebook, “The Top 10 Mistakes I Made in Social Media“. It’s available to download, for free, right here. My newsletter subscribers already got their copy delivered straight to their inbox. Get your copy now. Sign up for my newsletter and the ebook is yours!
  • Future Big Announcement: If you don’t hear from me much this week, it’s because my wife is in labor or delivering (or both). We’re expecting our second little bundle of joy this Wednesday. Party time!
  • I’m taking a tour through my favorite 90s rock albums. Kid Rock, 311, Sublime, Rage Against the Machine…they don’t make ‘em like that anymore! I used to DJ at my high school radio station. Some of these albums were the soundtrack of my youth! What did you listen to in high school?
  • Speaking of Kid Rock, “Cowboy” is one of my go-to songs for karaoke. That and “Jump Around” by House of Pain. (Sometimes I even sing the swear words.)
  • Having serious “Hunger Games” envy. Did you see it over the weekend? I can’t wait to take Kerry to it. I read they’re selling 12 tickets per second. Hellooooooo sequels!
  •  My sister met Curtis Stone. And danced with him!
  • I’m writing this post on my iPad. Why do I share this? One reason: this keyboard. Absolutely amazing iPad accessory for anyone wanting to get some serious work done on their iPad. Digital minimalism, yo. That’s the way to go!
  • March Madness Update: Really sad to see Kentucky keep winning. Calapari is a cheat, bottom line. First time in my life I will root for a Pitino team to win. Didn’t think Harrison Barnes came to play. C’mon Ohio State! You’re the last Big 10 hope!
  • Below: Helping our white friends dance for over 70 years!

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