Top-of-Mind Mondays


  • In honor of last week’s holiday: “Firecrackers let you know how close drunk people are to your house.” – Josh Hara

  • If you dabble in the consulting world at all, here’s an easy way to set your fee.
  • I made my dad’s beergaritas over the Fourth. Tasty, but let’s just say you need to be mindful of your consumption rate. I’ll leave it at that ;)
  • Here’s an app that easily adds text over your photos. See some examples here, and here.
  • Watched all four Alien movies in the last two weeks. My quick thoughts? Original was groundbreaking. Sequel was perfect. Third one was weird, yet tolerable. Fourth was only watchable because Sigourney Weaver was in it. She plays Ripley so well. Even if she does end up being a strange, 200-year-old, alien/human hybrid.
  • My daughter has a meme.
  • Stop making it so complicated. The simpler you make your marketing, the better it does.
  • Beautiful Keynote templates for spicing up your presentations.
  • Below: Prince remakes Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. 1

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  1. If you can’t see the video, click here.

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