Top-of-Mind Mondays (on a Tuesday)


  • “The first incidence of egalitarianism came from Christian literature. It came from Jesus.” – John Ortberg
  • I went to the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. I blogged. It was awesome. Read the recap here.
  • The digital to-do app that I use, Things, just went through a major refresh. The cloud functionality is (finally) here.
  • I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: my virtual assistant, Lizzy, continues to slay it. Odds and ends stuff that I, as a visionary-type, tend to lose track of. Zirtual is worth every penny.
  • Can I tell you how unpleasant it is to travel United? On a recent trip home, my flight got delayed because of weather. I called into their “customer care” line to get some help and hung up the phone in a worse position than when I started. Sad thing is, they really don’t seem to care. It makes me appreciate airlines like Southwest and Delta even more. Do you have a United horror story?
  • Look at this weird guy on People will literally do anything for $5.
  • A font that makes infographics with ease.
  • Design inspirations from the London 2012 Olympics.
  • The Coffee Bench. Full customizable sitting space based on piano key design.
  • Any church whose theology includes the word “desperate” automatically frightens me.
  • Unsubscribe from all those unwanted email newsletters…at once.
  • Just got my Simple bank card in the mail. According to the customer care line (they do it right, by the way), mobile deposits are still 10 weeks away. That said, I cannot wait until this thing gets going full steam. The future is simple.
  • Why customer experience is the only thing that matters.
  • Switched from Rdio to Spotify over the weekend. For one, the selection on Spotify is way better. Secondly, I still can’t get over the Rdio interface “refresh” they did a few months back. I know they were going for minimalist and clean, but it ended up looking like the CSS forgot to load.
  • Matt Perman’s bad day.
  • Below: Celloboxing. (I met this young man at the Summit. He’s the real deal.)

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