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99 percent of the world does not think they need a coach. 99 percent of the world is wrong.

Have you ever wondered why world-class athletes like Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, and Rich Froning all have coaches? To the average bystander it would seem these pro athletes can’t go any higher. They have reached the peak. There’s nowhere else to go.

But world-class athletes know they can always get better. They can always tweak, shape, change, and readjust to get a fraction of a percentage better. So they hire a coach.

A coach gives an athlete a perspective he or she does not have.

That’s why the world-class athletes are, well, world-class. They pay competent coaches to show them how to get to the next level. It’s their competitive advantage. It’s why Rich Froning will earn millions of dollars in CrossFit sponsorships and I’ll struggle to break out of the 200s for my front squat!

Why I Hire Coaches (and You Should Too)

I’m no athlete, but I’m a HUGE fan of coaches. When I wanted to learn how to make my business profitable from Day 1, I paid $10,000 to spend two days with Casey Graham.

He showed me his company’s playbook. From sales, to marketing, to profit percentages and operating expenses, Casey showed me how a multimillion dollar company is run.

While $10,000 may seem like a lot of money, consider the alternative. I would have had to figure out all the stuff Casey showed me on my own.

I shortcut my way to success because of Casey and his amazing coaching. 2014 was an amazing year and much of our success can be tied back to that $10,000 investment.

When the new year rolled around, I knew I needed to make another coaching investment. If I was going to take my business up a notch, I needed to up the coaching. It’d be naive of me to think I would just magically somehow advance and hit goals by doing the same things I’ve been doing for the past 12 months.

My Coaching Resolution for 2015

I spent a full day in Chicago recently at the offices of Strategic Coach, the entrepreneurial coaching program developed by Dan Sullivan.

We talked a WHOLE lot about the struggles of owning a business and all the snags that could potentially take us down.

We talked about our time and how to spend it wisely.

We talked about delegating and how important building a team was to the long-term success of our business.

I took notes throughout the day, so I wanted to unpack some the juiciest nuggets for you in this post. Here’s what I walked away thinking and dwelling on after the day was done:

1. “You get to be unapologetically ambitious.”

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel guilty for wanting MORE. It’s not even greed necessarily, it’s just a drive–a hunger–to achieve. It’s vital to the long-term success of any entrepreneur. But our coach gave us the permission to be ambitious; to be honest about our drive to succeed.

2. “What are you holding on to that someone told you was your responsibility?”

How many of us walk around fulfilling obligations that someone held us to many, many years ago? Obligations which are no longer necessary. Obligations which don’t make sense anymore. If we’re going to move forward, we need to focus on what WE WANT to do, not necessarily what we feel obligated to do.

3. “My team’s job is to take things away from me. I need to focus only on what I’m best at.”

Delegation is the only way to go from being a one-person shop to a team. As an entrepreneur, there are certain things you do well. There are things you do NOT do well. The key is focusing on your strengths and delegating your weaknesses.

4. “You will spend time in this program understanding how to get paid for your results, not your effort.”

Far too many of us are stuck in the old model of getting paid for our effort and not our results. Sitting in a seat from 9-to-5 used to be a great way to get paid (effort). What’s more fun (and more lucrative) is getting paid for your results. Why? The better you get at your craft, the more results you produce in a shorter amount of time. The more results you produce, the more you get paid. I like getting paid, don’t you?

5. “Sooner or later, you will run out of something: time, money, or energy. Then what?”

Isn’t this the truth? It doesn’t matter how hard you push, you’re going to tap out on one (or more) of the resources mentioned above. What’s your plan for when (not if) it happens? I’m convinced this is why most small businesses fail within 36 months of launching. They have no plan for when they get punched in the mouth.

6. “Entrepreneurs think differently than the masses. You are different than 80% of the world.”

This isn’t to say entrepreneurs have some special genetic code which allows them to process reality differently. It simply means entrepreneurs are the people who step over the line called “Risk” and take a shot at giving their dreams a go. Everyone has this ability. Not everyone exercises this capacity. Entrepreneurs do. That’s what makes them–you–different.

7. “You get to create your future. You get to stake your claim in it. This coaching program is about designing your future for yourself.”

Having been a pastor for years, I was always amazed at how many people believed they had no control over their lives. They simply drifted through life, expecting divine mandates to cascade down from heaven, showing them what direction to take next. How tragic. It’s like the classic line from Agent Smith in The Matrix: “Millions of people just…living out their lives.” Entrepreneurs work to build the life they’ve always wanted…for themselves AND for others.

Foster the entrepreneurial drive inside of you. Hire a coach. You’ll need one. They’ll help you get to the next level!

I keep hearing from social media consultants its hard to find NEW clients who stick around for more than a month.

Look…I get it. I’m in the trenches right along with you. But this year I will close 75% of our client pitches. They’ll also stick around for 6 months and longer.

Yup–3 out of every 4 pitches result in a long-term client relationship.

How do I do it?

To start with, we demonstrate our value from the first MINUTE and make our pitches valuable to the potential client, regardless of whether they work with us or not.

If you’ve EVER wanted to start your own agency or consultancy, or amp up the close rate of your current business, you need to be on this call!

Here’s your chance to peer in as I sketch it out for you.

In this brand new training called “How I’ll Close 75% of Our Client Pitches in 2015″ I’ll cover…

  1. The easiest way to identify potentials who will turn into LONG TERM clients
  2. How you can get PAID to pitch clients while providing crazy amounts of value to your potential client
  3. The ONE trick I use to save myself and my team countless hours of frustration and chasing potential leads down a rabbit trail (i.e. the “make them come to you” trick)

I’ve set the limit at 100 and I’m pretty sure we’ll max out–so get on the line EARLY. We have two options…

Option 1: January 26, Noon Central (10 am Pacific, 11 am Mountain, 1 pm Eastern)

Grab Your Seat for 12 PM CT

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Grab Your Seat for 7 PM CT

I’m noticing a pretty major shift in the consulting space right now, so I think you’re going to want to hear this training.

Go save your seat now for the training at Noon or 7:00 pm Central.

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Do you know the main differentiator between people who are successful and people who are not?

It’s not resources.

It’s not talent.

It’s not which coast you live (or don’t live) on.

It’s not what you know.

It’s not even WHO you know (although, this is a close second).

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